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A photo blog of my journey with edible nourishment

This is a celebration of all of the generous gifts I have received in the form of food and drink over the course of this adventure. 

What is Food?

Food is an amazing and fascinating thing. It can come in all form. An experience that our lives typically revolves around. It brings us together, inspires us, and connect us. Though food, something that feeds us can come in many forms. It can be edible, experiential, vibrational, inspiration and/or elemental. All one and the same really. Breatharians have proven that we don’t need food or water to survive or thrive. Is than what is food? For me it is an expression and a sharing of the heart that gives life to another. People spend millions of dollars, resources, and energy on businesses that are only focused on the experience people receive and have with eating and drinking. I see food as an experience and that the more that I experience it the more powerful it is for my body, mind and heart regardless of its nutritional value. When cycling, I feel a greater sense of gratitude and pleasurable when I experience food and that over all I am eating less - one to 2 meals a day with an occasional snack. Despite burning 1000s of calories my body doesn’t feel a desire to eat more yet a sense of excitement every time I eat. OftenI discover that the ride itself feeds me and consequently edible food just shows up in teh most beautiful ways.

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