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An Adventure OF The Heart

The Ride:

A Paradigm of Play

 is an exploration of what is possible. A self-imposed adventure into the heart of who I am through a state of play.

an opportunity to practice as conscious creators / manifestors.


heart ride home is a journey 

a journey that empowers us to write a new story

for ourselves and for humanity


heart ride home is a vibrant blank new canvas 

on which we get to paint our dreams and desires,

imagine ourselves anew

and watch as the universe responds

playfully, quickly, directly, magically


Along the way I am collecting stories, meeting amazing souls, and sharing my gifts,

and inspiring others while also inspiring myself more than i could ever imagine

It’s more fun this way

Each day I am consciously choosing 

to align with my desires

with sensuality, creativity, pleasure, abundance, inspiration and play 


Each day I am consciously choosing

to embrace the extraordinary as ordinary

and be the change I wish to see


Each day we are consciously choosing 

to inhabit our authentic vibration,

and embody a paradigm 

each day we are consciously choosing

to meet the unknown

with radical trust, curiosity, openness, and excitement

more than we were taught to allow


Each day we are learning

that the universe has our back

As we practice radical faith

presence, pleasure, gratitude and self-love

As we allow ourselves to be surprised by life

In the most wondrous ways

riding beyond our habits

and cultural conditioning

to remember

who we really are


Each day we are choosing

to see what is possible.

to see what we can create.

To remember that we are creators.

To see how much pleasure and play we can let in.

and how extraordinary and magical life can truly be.

Richard Handy A.k.a Akana Issai / ‘Rabbit’

This is Richard’s 4th cycling tour and first cross-country. He directed Outdoor Bound in NYC for three years and has assisted four other companies with outdoor adventure guiding, design and development. While in NYC he was a figure model, body worker and studied acting at the William Esper Studio where he studied as an actor and a teacher. After leaving NYC he opened the Stella Adler Studio for Acting in Asheville and the NYS3 Meisner conservatory for the Southeast. Additionally he ran the Innate Wellness bioenergetics clinic and the Race for Awesomeness fundraising event series. Four years ago Richard unexpectedly became a trans-medium. A channel developed that moves his body and speaks though him sharing visions and resonate vibrations of a paradigm of play in the era of the heart. His passion is creating life from a foundation of truth, vulnerability, presence, curiosity and trust with play and allowance. 


Katy Koob, a woman who is dear to my soul and life, heard about this ride and mentioned that her father had a collection of bicycles and might have one I could borrow. So she called him up and, there in his office in Portland hanging on the wall was an old cyclocross bike he typically cruises all over Portland on though it had not had much use as of recently. Mike was generous enough to help me get it shipped out to Boston where I had her tuned up and  fitted for the ride. I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s light, fast, stable, versatile and great off road. 

Mike’s Bike

aka The Felt F1X Cyclocross


It Takes a village to Raise a Bike Tour

Getting to this point has been a journey itself. 



Rustem “The Rooster” and everyone at QuadCycles: for getting me/us started with an epic bicycle for Anne, a tune up, some great gear and a lot of heart and enthusiasm. 

Mike Koob: For lending me the perfect bicycle for a journey like this one

Cindy and Keith Woodard: For sharing their camper, heart and souls with us and generously gifting me with all the bicycle repairs and upgrades necessary to get me started on this journey

Katy Koob: For Being an endless, radiant and beautiful cultron of inspiration, love, support and all around badassery. 

Anita Farley and GET: Whose family and theatre has been like a family to be from the day that I met you. Thank you for your endless support and love. You can never love too much. 

WarmShowers: for providing a home for the cycling community to connect, support and inspire one another. 

Holly Barber: For her constant unbending support and initial backing of this website

Anne Given: For being my partner through this all. For your belief, trust, support, reflections, vulnerability and willingness have been awe inspiring. Basically for being you and sharing you with me.

REI: For all the incredible care and thoroughness in taking care of my bicycle as well as the knowledgeable, experienced and passionate staff that I consistently discover at your stores. 

Mikey ‘the Outdoor Cat’: For the unexpected loan of a tarp and inspiring conversation

Deuter: For supplying me with a replacement pack for this journey. For the past 7 years your bags have been like a best friend and a part of all of my stories, for which I can not thank you enough

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