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How did we end up riding from Asheville to St. Louis on bicycles?

Rewind to 2018, when we met working at Danyasa Eco-Retreat in Dominical, Costa Rica.

Since then, our relationship has been nothing short of adventure. We've navigated the magic and complexity of retreat center living. Hiked a mountain barefoot in the Costa Rican jungle. Survived an accidental intake of wild poisonous mushrooms, and our first Envision festival.


We've paraglided, sipped coconuts and planted cacao trees. Danced under starry night skies. We've witnessed each other at our best and also at our most vulnerable. We've tended the death of a loved one. 


is a powerful vessel and a channel for change, creation, creative expression, knowledge and transformation. He does this work as an actor, director, writer, teacher, LifeShift practitioner, energy worker and creator of experiences that tap into the root of who and what we truly are. He holds and creates spaces to empower people to transform physically, spiritually and emotionally into the direction of their most authentic, powerful, playful, sensual and creative self both personally and professionally. He does this by helping people unlock their creative, sensual and emotional expression in the world and connecting that expression to their heart enabling it to live truthfully, vibrantly and unapologetically in their bodies.   

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We've taken many quantum leaps together, leaps that have made it painful to live from anywhere but our hearts and our fullest expression. Leaps that have inspired us to wake up and ask: 


What do we most deeply want? What will we do with this one wild and precious life? And who do we want to become?

With a blank canvas before us, we are ready to do things differently. We are ready to put pleasure and play first. We are ready to stop playing small. We are ready to paint a new story. On bicycles, in our bodies, from our hearts.

This is a journey about letting an old way of doing things die, in order to discover and become something new. 


This is a journey of relationship and rebirth. Of coming home to ourselves. To our bodies, our hearts and the planet. 


 This is Heart Ride Home: an adventure into life as a playground, into LIVING itself as an opportunity to feel fully, express our wild nature and write ourselves anew. 

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