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Live vicariously or literally though this experience as each day unravels new dimensions, experiences and opportunities to live life fully with play, curiosity and wonder.

May it inspire you to look even further beyond the vail to truly see the heart, beauty and abundance of Gaia, Humanity and yourself.

To remember that you are love.

That you are here to feel

That you are here to play

That you are here to create 

from inspiration and live life passionately. 

Image by Alessio Soggetti

Be a Part of the Story

Join the Ride. Literally. 

On this adventure everyday is a mystery an the story of its unraveling is being written each day with countless surprises, play, opportunities, trust and discovery. Join the ride and become a part of the story or just take a step on the wild side and see where it takes you. Feel free to play how ever you want with respect to your own rules. 

Support the Ride

Money and resources from the heart and to the heart 

Every donated dollar is distributed according to a specific financial structure that is updated online so everyone knows where their money is going whether it is a non-profit, a person who needed help or an educational opportunity for expansion. 

One focus of the ride is to look at money as a creative energy that is an extension of the heart. Some people play music, some cook, some share their craft. Others share money, which is a powerful and beautiful co-creative force of energy. 


Image by Rikki Chan
Working with a View

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Wanna keep up? No worries!

I'll keep you updated on the ride weekly

Join the ride virtually as we share weekly highlights of people, places, magic, miracles, and expressions of the hearts of humanity and the beauty and abundance of Gaia. Included will be a combination of galleries, podcasts, blogs, updates on how donations are being shared and channeled writings.   

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