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Image by Nathan Anderson

A Blog

A Collection of Intimate Reflections.


Below is a collection of Inspired reflections of the extraordinary beauty, love and passion of intimacy that has infected my heart, mind, body, imagination and pen into spaces expressed from  depths of passion, play and pleasure. As I allow the adoration to flow from my soul's raw expression of the divine feminine, the masculine, the human figure, union, soul connections, play, intimacy, sex, magic, pleasure, love, lust, ecstasy and desire. 

And celebrate all of it.

Note: The writing below contains reflections of passionate and at times explicit sexual nature, awe and adoration.



Image by Geetanjal Khanna

You straddled my face and invited me into your world. Slowly. Elegantly with a sense of euphoria that rode over me like a wave of excitement and nostalgia yet new.

It was always like the first time. I grab your hips and hold you at a soft distance. Taking in this moment. I wait. Until I feel you. All of you. Letting you

Letting life 



The scent of you intoxicates me like an ancient wine. 

Each breath I experience you falling deeper into me. 

Arousing life where it was thought to be dead 

Awakening every cell in my body. 

Activating them with a resounding sense of curiosity and desire 

to experience you. 

To drink from you. 

To feel you drip down my throat into my soul and infect me passionately to remember what it is to be alive. 

Inspiring my hands to grope, grab, graze and discover every inch of you. 


for the first time 

while I inhale your existence 

your desire 

the gift of you 

Into my loins.

Into my soul. 

 Activating me as love, in the form of blood, fills my body making my skin taunt, 

and sensitivity 

as it prepares to receive 

more of you. 

Each breath allowing you inside of me 

as I holden your gentle elegant strength in my hands and take you in with my eyes. 

My gaze moves slowly over every crevice of your body, every shadow, every exposed curve as I make my way up to your eyes and then

 I pause 

as you slowly drip on to my face. 

Your nectar inviting me. 


Slowly covering me 

falling over my lips, 

onto my tongue 

and into my mouth. 

Coating my palette with sweet & sour hues of pleasure and passion 

As I get lost in your eyes and forget that you exist as being separate. 

REmembering that we are one. 

That you are me. 

That we are love and of the endless possibilities that exist 

when we are connected through the ease and allowance of divine pleasure and love. 

Each moment being again like the first 

as you fill my mouth 

like a trail of tears remembering that we are separate 

celebrating that we can again write another great love story. 

discovering one another over and over again. 

Exploring the countless inspired ways that we can say I love you. 

The countless ways that I can explore you. 

That we can share our expression in the world with vulnerability, truth and authenticity. 

I glide you down on to my lips. 

Bringing you closer as I indulge in every moment. 

Your scent covers me like a passionate fog 

looking for every and any way possible to penetrate me.

To inspire me.

I gently blow on and into you. 

Covering you. 

Exploring you 

with life as I inhale you 

and share

as I breath onto you 

what you do to me. 

I feel the heat of your thighs pressed against my cheeks as they mold to 

the strong architecture of your ass softly touching my chest 

as my heart beats against you saying yes. 

Our eyes still sharing ourselves. 

As the soft tip of my tongue slowly, 


strokes your legs 

as your hair grazes over my skin. 

Your perfume marinating me  

marking me 

reminding me

I am with you. 

Share you. 

I gently explore the valleys between your legs and your lips. 

Ingesting the imagination of need and desire that hides in each drop that falls out of you and into your perfect valleys

I pause and lightly pry you open with my supple tongue. 

You pour into me.

I drink

as you find a sense of subtle relief as 

you slowly release a stream of aching love

on to me

into me. 

around me

my skin throbs

inspiring my body to prepare to give even more 

as you feed a passionate sense of wonder and play. 

I get lost in your scent. 

On your skin. In your breath. In you.

You envelope me. 

Slowly press yourself against me. Covering me as your wet euphoric drips down the sides of my face around my neck and on to sheets.  

My body throbs as you sit there. 


Suffocating me with you as I grab your ass pulling you down 


Because I can't get close enough to you. 

Until we are one.

Until then I will continue to try. 

Your hips begin to move. To explore the ridges and firmness of my face. 

Your breath guiding you while our eyes stay locked inside of one another. 

Your desire becomes my air as you inch forwards and devour me with all of you. 

Marinating me as I pull you in slowly scratching your back before my hands fall into and on the shadow of your pelvis 

that was made for me 

to hold you. 

Your movements expand into rolling circles, ellipses and figure eights 

cultivating the energy

as it cycles through you 

and Into me 

You glide down my chest 

over my heart and begin to mark every part of me with sweet kisses 

as your heart pours out of you 

on to me

reminding me 

that you are here. 

And then. We wait. just wait. 

And Yet You Wait

You stand casually against the I-beam in the middle of the room. 


Your eyes softly fixed


Your hip against the cold metal.

One leg crossed over the other. 

Professional casual on a warm day.

A mid length skirt.

A soft spoken top.

Your hair draped down 

lightly wrapped around and over your shoulder.

While you wait.

Doing nothing.

Allowing everything. 

You just stand there. 



you were taught not to think

to feel

to want

feed your imagination

effortlessly as 

what has always been inside of you 

has permission to, 

in the quiet,

talk to every part of you

as the story grows inside

making its way around you 

infecting every cell 

with the vibration of inspired creation

tingling from the depths

As energy spawns out from the 

the cradle of time 

in the form of your pelvis

Each moment

Feeding to the next

soaking into you

as it slowly takes you over.

You invite it in

becoming it

as it rides through you

like a playful storm of chaos and desire

full of a lust

for life

for pleasure

for play

and yet 

you do nothing. 

You wait. 

Because there is more.

And you know it. 

Allowing it to reveal itself. 

To be cultivated through a symphony of nerves

a roar that quietly awakens a dream

A forgotten desire

of you.

And you breathe. 

Allowing the energy of life, 

of creation, 

of desire 

and inspiration to move you

through that simple gesture

to remind you what is possible 

as your skin grows taut

with the blood of love

pumped into every part of you

causing it to swell 

to stretch

to expand 

so it can radiate out 

to feel and be felt

to inspire and be inspired 

by even more life

Even more love

even more pleasure

to endlessly quench yourself

with every breath 

knowing there is always more

and yet you wait. 

As your chest slowly rises

the perk of your breast begins to grow

allowing your body's desire to be felt

to nourish and be nourished

to be seen

to inspire others

through your own allowance 

and needing nothing yet radiating everything

They mold into the fabric 

that lightly drapes over the curves of your chest

accentuating through shadows

the perfection 

the raw beauty 

that is you.

Image by Biruk Gashawbeza

Each breath 

first falling down through your 

heart as the love and gratitude you have 

for yourself, 

for life 

for what wants to be created with and through you

and the desire to share that energy with the world

is rhythmically pumped into and through you

and yet you wait.

Because there is more.

Standing motionless

Your eyes softly blink

receiving life

and its endless river of inspiration

as it plays through your imagination 

repeatedly showing you flowing stories 

and tales

into the knowing 

into the excitement 

of what else is possible. 

and yet to be done.

To be felt

To be experienced

And yet you wait. ​

Your radiant nectar 

begins to ooze through your creation

cultivating itself out your pours

between your legs 

as your sweet aroma,

the expression of your heart,

slowly fills you

until it begins to drip 

into the fabrics 

that delicately 

press over you.

Like a sacred hand.

Your heat begins to 

magnify your essence

as it rides into you 


with every breath

As your body beckons for more life

your mouth gaps opens 

slightly ajar

as the air of desire 

surrounds you in an aromatic fog 

of sex and possibility

As you breath in your own desire 

it feeds you

through your senses 

and your imagination 

as you 

stimulate creation into being. 

And yet you wait. 

As the drops fill the caldron of the soft fabric 

that holds your imagination 

and overflows

soaking through and around 

as it absorbs everything it touches

into its story. 

Becoming a part of it. 

Drops express themselves

Dripping on to the carpet. 

Sliding slowly down your leg

as you breath the pheromonic chords 

weaving through the air 

revealing to you 

where they came from 

where they have been

and where they want to go.

Each moment feeding the next 

feeding your senses 


even more 

as the limitless potential of your sex

your love

your ability to inspire creation

and live a full sensual experience



as you radiate 

inspiring others to write poems, dreams and endless possibilities into life

as you wait. ​


Your legs 

long and sultry

Their shadows reflect time and elegance into the air

Inspiring curious hands

and adoring eyes

as lust begins to infect my loins

Reading the language

of silken lines

carved into your body by the divine

like a fantasy novel

exposing worlds 

only imagined 

late at night

between the silence of stars.

As I remember you \\

 your smell permeates into the air

intoxicating me like an ancient wine

Robust, delicate

wet, inspiring

and luxurious

Your heat fills the crevas between your legs 

as you drip your desire 

into the delicate caldron of fabric nestled 



between your lips

soaking the patterned threads 

Until you drip on the floor

Telling the world you are ready

To be penetrated by life. 

Washing Away
What Isn’t

To wash you is to grace with an angel
Invisible wings that can only be sensed

hidden in the defined blades of your back.



Slowly gliding over you

Discovering each perfect curve, shadow and expression 
of you

As you unveiled before me
Sharing and exposing your sacred vessel

to allow 
You to be held and seen in the luxury of receiving
Of being adored
Of being discovered
Washing away everything that wasn’t you
Leaving behind your truth 
In the form of poetry 
beauty written in the form of you
A muse to inspire
As your breath causes your heart to heave
And radiate into time 
The allowance of you
Enough to inspire
What was once though dead inside of another soul

To hold you was to hold an angel
Whose wings inspire all those 
that are fortunate to touch them
Graced by your presence
And the song of your voice
As you playfully remind us all
That life is a game
Meant to be played
With passion
and pleasure

As your heart reflects all that you know
Your cup runneth over
Pouring into the hearts and souls of 
Others inspiring men and women to remember 
That they too have wings
And they too can lead
Inspiring them to remember their divine purpose
In life
In love
and in play
You are love.

Image by Emiliano Vittoriosi

Looking into your eyes

Is like looking into times gone past

Effervescent with love

Of times of old

Times of new

And times yet to be discovered 

Write the most beautiful love story

Let it take you into the ecstasy of you

Your body

And the divine pleasure and bliss 

of what it is to be human

Your heart beating with the rhythm of time

As you reallocate yourself into the frequency of bliss

Of now

Of you.

Of your desires

As your dreams long forgotten

Begin to unfold before you


One piece at a time

A mystery yet to be discovered

A book yet to be written

A hand yet to be held in your heart

Your own

And your pussy

The pleasure and ecstasy of love and life

The expression of joy

Made physical 

as you share your bliss 

With one another

As you are touched and touch 

As you penetrate and are penetrated

As you scream 

and pull the erotic

Song of another

Of each other

Inside of you.

Stroking his phallus


with excitement



And adoration

Pulling his orgasm

His bliss

Through him

Out of him

In the form of a gift 

A sound

An abandoned 


The thrashing of wild animal

Called passion

Releasing itself once again 

into the beautiful throws of life and love

For you to hear

And allow its call to feed into your own erotic bliss and expansion

Into the nothingness of time and space

As you feel the union and bliss of oneness

Letting your water flow over him

Wrapping him in your sexual




Pouring down

And around

His vessel

Soaking him in the warmth and fire of you.


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