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Remember who you are.

Remember why you are here.

Acting is soul work.

For me it is among the most vulnerable

because it demands every part of your being

There is no hiding, or constant partner in any form

except your breath and your heart.

It is only you.

Yet it beckons us to discover, respect, play with and incorporate all of the arts:

the dance

the music

the design

the writing

the lighting

the sound

the sculpture

the song

the mask

the movement

the painting

the puppet

the props

the instrument . . .

your instrument.

all of it

all are on the table

and all of them are accepted and welcome at the door.

Though it begins with just you.

They all do.

The parts you have seen

and the ones that are yet to be born or unraveled

buried deep into the abyss of your consciousness

with walls of iron and steel

but even those can not withhold

the resonance of your truth.

Of your heart.

Nor would they want to

though they will try.

The heart is always soft.

Remember that.

For that is what you are seeking.

That is why you are here.

To feel alive again

and then to live fully in all of it

as it pulses thorough your veins

and into your expression.

It is why some starve to do this work.

Because it is through these experiences

that we learn to appreciate everything.

To taste. To touch. To hear.

To feel.

And suddenly realize we didn’t need anything.

Except to feel alive.

To be present in every moment

perhaps like never before.

To listen with every cell of our bodies

without tension or resistance.

To receive life and let it affect us in all of its forms

and be inspired by that marriage of the world with us

to vibrantly and effortlessly permeate life and love

back to it and each other.

In all of its forms

whether it be rage, ecstasy or grief

written, spoken or moved

because to feel is to be alive


And again.

And to numb that response is the only death that truly exists.

The world will not have it.

As an actor we would rather die then live any other way.

So often we do not realize how much we do not feel

until we crack the shell of our invisible fortresses

and break the walls exposing

parts of our heart

long hidden by time, fear and pain.

Forgetting that they were there for us to feel more

not less.

We misunderstood.

You are a unique creator

unlike any other

a unique spirit

a unique artist

and a unique expression of the divine

like everything else.

And all of it wants to


To be accepted and seen and

danced with

passionately and exhaustively

to its co-creative fullest expression and potential

Though you have to accept your role.

To chose to be an artist of your heart.

If you can hear it . . .

You will ride dragons and reap treasures of the unknown.

This craft gives you permission to explore

the depths and the fullness of imagination and the human expression.

It actually begs you to explore it and rewards you for your choices.

Inviting you to come to life with a vivaciousness and vibrance

seen only in the eyes of an expression of God

because only there

is no resistance.

In accepting this journey you are awakening a part of you

that has had a longing to live again

In a new way.

In the way your spirit intended.

Vibrantly like the wind hurling over a field of flowers.

Passionately like a ravenous Lover.

Radiantly like the Sun.

Pulsing and quivering with an expression just waiting to unfold.

IF you are on this journey

then you have seen a piece of your light

because that is all it takes.

A piece.

To awaken.

To remember

that you are not what you thought you were

and neither is anyone else.

Some call it the bug that bit you

but in truth it is your soul that captivated you.

Once that light touches you

you can not ignore it

because it will cause an itch so deep in your skin

that only your open heart can touch.

And it will remind you that all of your characters

are patiently waiting to be awoken

deep inside of you

one at a time

because they are a part of humanity

which is just another way of saying

an expression of the human heart.

That is why you can all hear it.

because they are part of you and always have been

because we are one.

To deny your own authentic expression

which is unlike anyone else’s

is to hurt everyone and everything you touch

because all of it is challenging you to break the mold of what you thought you were

and unravel and reveal to the world what you truly are.

So you can help remind us all how to live again

How to feel again

How to connect again.

People do not pay you to act.

They pay you to be vulnerable

to feel in ways that so many only wish they could

but have been too scared to.

You are inspiring them

with your heart’s beating creativity

reminding them that is is ok.

To cry

To scream

To laugh

to hold

because you have shared so authentically

that they can not ignore you

nor would they want to.

You captive them and they leave you

having cracked open their hearts and their

imaginations in ways that you could never have seen

nor do you need to

because it is your gift to the world

without any need for return

for you only do it

because you have to

because you love it

because it makes you feel alive.

It is never rational. Love and passion never are.

but they must be fed

with patience




and discipline

not to work harder, but to let in more

because then your body and soul will never not be fed

and everything you do will be a response

to an inspiration of you

receiving the extraordinary world around you.

It is a privilege and a quest

as you are asked to dive

into the depths of the human condition

and understand that no one is wrong

no one is bad

and everyone is worthy and has a story

that is theirs and all of ours.

That one line is as important as a thousand

and has just as much soul, depth and beauty.

You are not your lines

your lies are an expression of the marriage

between your soul

and the characters hearts

because you are both needed to create a new expression

that no one has ever seen before.

If you do not know your lines then you do not know the soul

of this sacred marriage

because that soul could only say those words.

and when you say them from your heart

no one can ignore you.

no one.

It is not your job to be seen.

It is your job to awaken.


your audience

and everything element around you as you

become the cog of that wheel bringing it to life

inspiring everything.

Though until you are completely inspired

you have not found it.

It is still hiding.

Quietly waiting for you

to be patient enough

respectful enough

curios enough

and open enough

to let it in.

Because if you go looking for it

you will never find it.

It is about sitting still with it

and letting it in

as it marinates into your blood

and begins to penetrate every pore of your body and soul

through the air

it becomes a part of you


We are all simply seeing ourselves

our hearts

and what more profound

and privileged way too do it then

to be asked to embody and marry

with the soul of a writer, a character, a director, a grip, a PA, a DP

so that together you can unfold and live

in another piece of the heart of humanity.

Treat everything sacred

especially yourself and your own foundation.

No matter what you think or how you feel about

another actor, a script, a director

they are all divine and when you sit still long enough

and allow any insecurities and judgements to subside

something magical will happen.

It will reward you


starting to reveal itself to you.

Then something beautiful will suddenly

inspire your heart.

In the most quiet, effortless and unexpected ways.

That is when co-creation begins.

Be patient and develop curiosity for the darkness

because that is where all the treasures are hidden

and the greatest surprises are unearthed.

For you do not know what you do not know

and I promise you

you will never know where you are going

until you get there.

So as you pursue this I remind you that

The Business of this craft is not your adversary

It is not even your challenge.

It is your co-creator waiting for you

to step up and accept


remember who you are.

Your only job then

is to share that.

With gratitude






It will take time, but it is worth it. And my greatest hope for you is that you then take your soul off of the set and down from the stage and out into the world.

Because we need you

To remind everyone how to live again.

Infect people with your vibrance and curiosity for this world.

And the one you always wanted to create

that has been harvesting deep in your imagination

It is time and we are the ones.

Enjoy the journey my friends.

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