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Basking in the Unknown

I am here now basking in the unknown unaware of my years yet more than aware of my experiences. They mystify me and have taken me into the ocean and deep into the jungles of time and space metaphorically and literally floating under the moonlight as the world teaches me

Speaks to me lesson and visions I knew not

Things were in place.

It makes me wonder how much of this is scripted.

Am I just in a movie

Do I get to click my heels and be back in Kansas.

Is it all a dream

Filled with the illusions of shoulds and coulds

My heart aches with indecisiveness.

Weeding out the difference between fear and foe

The difference between reality and my own stories.

I wake up in the middle of the night

To messages from beyond

Lurking in the dark waiting for me to stop

So I can hear them

So I can unravel the messages of long before and after

As I look into the unknown with new eyes and a perception I have yet to think of.

What is happening?

Is my mother truly dead?

Was that even real?

Am I the creator of my own reality with each piece folding to my whim

My fears and desires

My longing and adventure

My presence and love

We are here together looking into the past to create the future though we know not what it is. For we can not create something a new from there yet we are called to remember

to a time beyond recent memory

To a time of greater awareness, power and possibility

To a time of love and cohesiveness

To a time of authenticity

So we can play again in all of our light

In our creative spirit,

In our sexuality

In our love

In our desires for all that are.

And expand our awareness into the unforeseen imagination that lurks waiting to be discovered

People say we need to go to the light yet it is the dark that holds the treasures

The surprise

The love lost and forgotten.

We are living in a contradiction

We are living in a space of new desires

Of permission to fully feel,

To fully play

To fully love

To create with abandon

Look not to what you know but what you have forgotten

The things you can not find looking for them

Yet they wait for you

When you least expect it

The universe is full of surprises.

And when you think you got it

When you think you know

Thinking again

Feel again

Because there is always something else.

So remain open and listen to your choices

for it truly is a choose your own adventure.

Which one you choose matters not.

The question is what kind of a ride do you want?

How do you want to travel

What do you want to create and from where?

If you want direction

discover your inspiration.

For that is the language of the heart

It is how the divine speaks through us

Often confused with the repression of fear or safety which is also beautiful

Both divine

Yet which do you choose?

Which one is the story you want to write

You want to live

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