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Coming Together

Perhaps it isn't about letting go as much as it is about coming together.

To let go is to allow and to listen through feeling because everything is divine and all wants to be heard.

Because feeling is the language of the universe.

Of the heart.

Because there are gifts under what you are fighting.

Treasure in the darkness buried under resistance.

Under what you are fighting.

What is trying to be played with.

To resist is to persist.

To feel is to heal.

Though to allow us to embody.

To truly feel and listen.

Embody all of it.

Let it ride through you like a water through the heart as it courses through your veins into and through your beautiful vessel. as it allows itself to open up again.

And fill the space.

Your world with joy and the unbelievable love that this universe has for you.

The knowing

that all of time that you are not only worthy.

You are a creator.

A powerful playful limitless creator limited only by your imagination and belief of what you feel is possible.

Of you.

Of the knowing that rests inside of you.

Let your pleasure guide you.

The flow of emotion. Let the flow of energy guide you.

Where does it want to go.

What does it want to tell you.

What does it want to inspire in you.

Where does it take you when you sleep.

When you wake and use that energy and write.

Just write.

Continue to write and be curious until it is unraveled inside of you and on the paper before you for all to see.

Then, and only then will your heart be free.

Otherwise you will just craft around it.

Feel it.

Play with it.

Create with it.

And share it.

Let it be heard into the ethers of time and space for others to know and be inspired by.

To feel and to know that this story too resonates deep inside of them as it does in all of you.

For inside the hearts of man rests passion.

Purpose and playful creations for all of time.

Write your life.

Live your life and love your life as it talks to you through the heart and being.

Allow it.

Like another character to fully embody you and speak through you. Be curious as the energy comes up to be sculpted and crafted into something new.

Something surprising and something that is, like all things, an expression of love.

It is when we remember that it is just that.

That love is writing all stories that we are able to celebrate in all your emotions

with joy,

with tears of knowing and remembering ourselves and the full potential of our being.

Not to fix or make better.

To create.

To inspire.

To allow and to be inspired by.

Judgement is blind.

Allow all to be seen through the heart and the hands onto the paper.

Write it all out.

All of it and be surprised.

Be astonished as your hands write for you as they beckon you to allow them to reveal the secret that rests inside of you in the form of an unexpressed heart wanting only to break open for that is all that the heart can do.



be curious.

REmember that all is divine.

Including you.

All of you.

Every cell and every thought is divine.

Honor them as such and they will serve you in kind as they inspire you, through permission, to move into new lands and uncharted waters.

New spaces.

Of love of adventure.

Of life and of meaning that perhaps you thought was lost.

That perhaps you though was meaningless.

There is meaning in everything.

It is the story that is attached to it that you get to write and live. Once you are clear do so with passion, presence, belief and remembrance that anything is possible and that this dream this vision that is connected to all that you are forgetting and wanting is waiting for you and fears nothing.

Instead it rests quietly for you waiting to be seen.

To be, like a beautiful muse, discovered and played with and it teases and dances with you.

Breaking your heart open more and more everyday to the next potential to love, play and create.

To feel all that is there.

And to play even more as new levels of love, inspiration and remembrance are brought in to play in the greatest love story that is yours.

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