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Four Minute Free Writing: REWRITING HISTORY

Looking past the veil of time unravels the discord of humanity. Longing to be lost in oneself only to be found. Look to the light for the knowing and known and the dark for the unknown and discord waiting to be heart and reallocated into the creative flow of existence. re between the light and the dark rests the unknown of time and tension. The breaking point of disruptive discord into inspiration pleasure and flow as the unseen become the seen. Though only as much as one is resonate with. A new space and paradigms eventually created reshaping the old as it now tells a different story rewriting history again a new as deeper truths unfold. Looking again for inspiration as we re-write history and play again with ourselves, each other and the discord of humanity. Why do we seek truth? Because it is love, which is our strongest resonance. It is us. We seek ourselves. Which is our greatest pleasure and ecstasy. To discover oneself is to discover love. It is to discover God.

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