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Free Writing: Love is Madness

Something I often tangle with is the idea of madness. What it is. What is life? As I step into the darkness of being and forget myself. The creation that once was and a step into the new, I am forgetting those old ways yet not yet knowing the new. This other world. This other space of reality that looks for me to play in it like a wild child knowing itself and remembering it's only state of love and that all is well and all is possible. Stepping outside of the box of this reality as things look to be more impressed with time and allotted for within the constraints of knowing. Those are the loves and lives of old. Those are the tokens that take us on the ride of a lifetime as things flourish and are allotted into a new space of being. Into a new space of time and a new space of awareness and allowance to know is to feel. To feel our worth. To feel our knowing and to embody the divinity of all that is and all that ever was. There is a time and a place for everything and that is now. To be mad is to be alive. TO know oneself outside of the normal constraints of time and cultural expressions and impressions. To be in the space of oneness. To travel beyond the void and into the realm of possibility and adoration for the existence of you. The existence of all. That is the journey of a lifetime. To be mad is to remember. It is to reconnect to that which we never thought possible. And remember that it is possible. That all of it is possible opening up the mind and the heart in new ways that are lurking in the shadows of time and love. Because the shadow is also love. It is all love and it is all loving you. Even the madness as it embraces humanity and holds it while it shifts into a new state of consciousness. Of the heart. Remembering itself and to lose the identity of old. To lose the world you once thought you lived in and suddenly be thrown into a new game and told anything is possible and what you thought was just a limiting paradigm of existence that was never meant to for you to live in. Only to start. For there is little that can be left unturned once the desire and existence of love is allowed, felt and known. Be that which you are and allot time and to play through you and into your soul as you transmute all of it into love. That is the madness. When everything becomes love. When all the old stories die because once love is seen there is nothing else that can exist. It is the ultimate story killer and why it always comes together at the end. Why it is the thread that is pulling everything all along the way including your pen and ever tap of your keyboard. Of your existence. Every breath. Every moment. Everything. You are and always will be love and as everything else falls apart there is madness. As you tap into the genius and ever expansiveness of what you are there is madness. And that too is love. Can you feel it? Can you allow it to show you yourself? In the state of this madness. Of this love. Of the ride. The sweet sweet ride of a lifetime only begins yet again as the new unfolds and you once again prepare to live again. In a new way. In the space of time and unlimited possibility for play, pleasure, fun and creation. If you can allow it. and to think that you are worthy of that despite everything is to have a moment of momentary madness. To accept yourself in that space of being. To know yourself again in that state of being. To be. Just to be and allow yourself to receive ride of a lifetime as a consequence of your existence. You are worthy. The madmen. The madwomen. You are worthy. For you are the ones that are being told you are mad. Where no one there to tell you that or institutions to hold people in such a state there would be no madness. Only more perfection and inspiration as the thoughts that bleed through you and out of your heart onto the paper exist into the fabric of time and the ever expanding story of humanity. There is one life and one opportunity to know yourself in that space. It is now. It is always now. You are love. Get over it. Get mad. Go mad as love invites you to see itself and you in a new space and be inspired to allow the transition to fall through you as everything that has been unexpressed falls out of you and on to the table. On to the ever expansive plate of possibility inspiring others to come forwards in their madness and see that it is only madness if you call it madness. For genius and a divine connection to source has always been called such people are so uncomfortable with love. With something that is expressed in a way that may cause them to remember that love is everything. You are everything. Everything is everything. Allow it to live. Let it ride you. Let it fuck you. Let it feed the creative juices in you. Let it empower you as you are inspired to play with others, your self and the world as you once again remember how much fun it can be to be in this space and let life and love "rule the roost". Cock-a-doodle-doo.

Allow your madness to infect everything that you do. Celebrate it. Use it. See it! Let it show you everything that you were scared of and be seen on the existence of this plain. To be felt on this plain. Let your madness bleed from your heart into your work, your relationships, your love, your sex, you money, your play, your talk, your writing, your love and your creative expression that is inspired by every and anything that is ever in the form of tension and inspiration. Let the tension ride you. For that is the greatest sign that it is trying to come out and you are uncertain, fearful, or unaware of what is happening. Just allow it. Write it out dance it out. Fuck it out. Run it out into the world. Not to ease the tension. Rather to give it a container to be expressed and heard. For love never needs to be hidden. Put away in a box. Kept from humanity. From oneself. From life. Speak it out into the world as the world reflects back to you in fear and remembrance of where you are and beckons to you to once more live. You are here and this is the time and this is the place and it is now. Judge nothing. Allow everything. See all that wants to express through you that you deem mad and as you have the space to see it. To feel it you will once again remember as you step back and observe it with wonder and awe at what you are creating. At what you are because whatever comes out of you was inside of you. Always. Waiting. For you. To allow it to come through you. To feel that much. To be that much. To be. So go mad. And like a bonfire. Use it to light and pave your way into the ever expansiveness of what you are as the world attempts to put you back into a box that no longer exists because that box is too small. So they come up with another disorder or problem to love so that they can once again contain and define love and thinking that their stories are safe. That their existence is safe. Instead let it fuck you and in turn fuck it back. Go for the ride of a lifetime and then ... do it again and again. Each time revealing to you more of you and the endless possibility of what is. Allow sex to come through as it is the energy of creation. To play through you. To be you. And inspire all else that wants to be created. From the vibration of pleasure only more pleasure can be invited into your life or everything and story that is in the way of it. That is if you can see it. If you can allow the madness of holding onto an old paradigm while thinking that something is wrong keep a hold of you. Of your life, which is also divine and perfect. To judge something is to not see the divinity of it. To hear and receive its gifts as it inspires you to once again create and see what is possible. because anything is possible. Everything is possible and everything is. Every fantasy. Every sci-fi. Every story. It is all real. So what happens if we know that anything is possible? That it is all love? What happens to you when you know that everything is love. Every fight. Every fear. Every desire. Can you hear it trying to remind you? To show you? That you are love. Perfect. Divine and an expression of God in all of that divine perfection. For what else can there be except that? And how maddening is that to a mind and a heart of judgement that has put life , possibility and love into the confines of certain limitations and a box. For what is that ever changing box even based on except what has been created and deemed possible. The question is how much love can you allow? For mad-ness is simply releasing the value on the anger and hate that you judged that was you keeping you from you. from love. So yes. Go mad. Feel your madness. Your rage. Your anger All of it. and remember that all of it is love. Even the madness.

And this is a maddening love story. Let it in. Allow it move you inspire you with every breath. in ways you never thought possible. To remember again how beautiful and amazing this all is and always was.

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