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Free Writings: The crossroads of trust and letting life fuck me

Writing Prompt (4 minutes): THE CROSSROADS

The crossroads of time ever again passing us as we get to once again choose like never before and yet again.

What have we been waiting for?

What most excites your soul. What pulls you like a passionate muse.

A siren of love that docks ships into unknown far off lands.

Yet familiar.

There is a voice deep inside of me that longs to be home yet I know I am destined to travel and discover home everywhere.

In my body

In my heart

Everywhere I go

Where I am always home.

To venture around the world and once again discover her.

Discover myself and the possibilities of limitless potential and the knowing that I am supported by the universe.

In a constant process of inspired co-creation

That I am the universe

as much as it is me.

As new cultures and unseen magic interjects into my timeline and I weave playfully like a magician into time and love as a source for pain and pleasure taking on the burdens of others and creating my own challenges as I venture into the lost potential of what has always been

As the journey that is calling me never dies no matter how lost I get. I am found.

Like a beacon in the far off distance in the night reminding me that there is land.

That there is more and when I am finished I will once again know that there is more.

Take your time to feel into each path and allow it to inspire you through your senses.

And feel which one brings you joy.

Which one is filed with mystery and darkness where unknown treasures are destined to be found.

Follow your bliss.

Follow your fuck yes and

Follow your heart with endless passion.


My heart and time have been my greatest teachers as they allows me to discover over this linear world a variety of experiences through existence within the perceived confines of being human. I know I am here to experience what it is to be human and its potential as I remember once again the limitlessness of me. Of life and that anything is possible. Anything. Let love, curiosity and passion lead the way as I allow source to speak through me and my intuition of presence to guide me into the unknown lands of time and place.

I used to think that I was real. Now I wonder.

I used to think I was limited by my body

Now I see I am only limited by what I believe and I am willing to allow.

Time is endless and all of it is accessible if we can just allow ourselves to hear it.

To feel it.

To experience it.

I used to think that there was just one dimension, now I can see at least three and know that there is more.

Perhaps limitless.

Is any of it real.

I don’t know.

I can only believe I saw it for a reason.

So much mystery.

I used to think I knew who I was.

I had no idea.

I only knew what I thought I was which was my truth until it wasn't.

Now working as a medium and as energies speak through me every day I wonder

Discovering more and more

then wonder again if any of this is real.

But man what a ride.

To enter into magic and the unknown with conviction and curiosity.

Now I am still wondering

Questioning what I see

Wondering if it is true and then what true even is.

Do I create my own reality and if so then does everything that I say have that much power?

Is this just a virtual reality video game?

Are we all playing gods and in the process of remembering ourselves and the characters that we have chosen?

I used to think I knew what sex was. What is was like to be vulnerable. I used to think to I learn I'd have to go to school, a class or through a book. I know now it can also come through me.

From inside of me.

I used to think that mermaids, fairies and gnomes were just in fairy tales.

Now I know different.

I used to think that movies were just movies and books just books.

I now think that are expressions of lives of times long past lived yet unexpressed until now.

I used to judge things.

Now I just wonder what is

I used to think that I was alone in this world.

Now I feel like I am on the Truman show or in the movie 'The Game'.

I used to think I knew what a dark night of the soul is.

I didn’t.

Yet all of these are just my versions of them.

It is only when I channel that I am taken aback and wonder.

I am a channel and don’t recall signing up for this which makes it even more strange and believable.

I used to think that I was just one person I know now that I am at least three spliced through time within the paradigm of the father and the son the holy ghost. Or am I.

Yet we are one, I am you and you are me. All writing love stories discovering how many ways I can say I love you.

I used to think everything mattered now I wonder if anything matters at all.

All I know is that I know nothing.

And as soon as I think I know something I quickly realize that it is that and more.

It is everything and it is nothing.

What I seek is what I find.

The question is what does my soul want to find?

What does my soul want to experience?

Can I trust my intuition and the channel that speaks through me enough to let it guide my life and take me on the most extraordinary adventure.

A crossroads.


The ever expansive choose your own adventure scavenger hunt.

I used to think I could make a wrong or better choice.

Now I believe it is just how much I am committing to my choices.

If I want to know something. If I want to create my own reality. It would to be fucked by life. Into the depths of pleasure, passion and play as a creator, a lover and a voice for source as I allow it to move me effortlessly through time and space. And love it. And then fuck it back. Hard with love, passion and play into new realms of possibility, existence and inspiration.

4 minute write: Prompt TRUST THYSELF

Trust the love and expression that comes through you.

The one that gets you.

The one that you are scared to express.

The one that moves others through fields of discomfort and buried and forgotten continents of truth that emerge found and resound in the space of their once again knowing.

Because your truth, that speaks through your divine sound, presence and motion taps souls.

Awakening hearts with yours

As it liberates you into new realms of trust

as it inspires another

To feel

To crack

To be brought alive

Once again inspired to create something never before felt.

With words of passionate conviction and clarity

That are longing to play in the universe

As its sound resonates into the ethers of time

Like a rock thrown into a still pond

Its waters ride over every ounce of its placid shores and unseen depths

Affecting everything it touches.

Let truth ride through you.

The words you can’t control.

The ones you can't see coming

Let them surprise you as the divine speaks through you

And remember the extraordinary power and love that is you.

And remember that all the emotions are of the heart.

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