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It's Time to Live Again

I've BEEN the walking dead for over a year now. Watching my life reflect back to the the known and unknown as I have allowed it to take me for a ride like a leaf in the wind. Unparcelled and a REALITY that has fed into my deepest fears and simplest joys. Though I know that the way is not to fight. It is to play. The paradigm is to play. We are here to play. What am I playing. What am I playing with. Fires. Water. Light, love, the elements ... to write whatever story I want to? I am the author of my own life. I am the one that gets to determine what I want to paint. What life I want to live and what obstacles I want to over come. How I want to over come them and if I want to overcome them. A love story from the beginning. There is much to love here. There is much to create here. To do here and to same here. There is a world out there yet to be discovered. Several of them. Yet to be seen because I get to create them. I am a creator. Here to create worlds not simply reflect back on the ones that I have lived. Though to honor those and be inspired by them. Knowing what I want create now. What do I want to experience. This is the time and this is the place. How do we want to play and with what. Why am I at the mercy of my environment. Why am I here. What am I seeking. How do I want to play. How do I want to love? I want to love with my heart, my actions, my sex, my inspiration, my food, my phallus, my mouth, my hands, my creations, my voice and my most authentic expression to the world. It feels like this is a time for warriors of the heart. Though it also takes a certain type of warrior to move from the depths of despair. To surrender their heart to allow it to lead the way. To take us to the depths of that grief an despair to then know what it is to feel that much. To love that much. To hate that much. To forget that much. TO grieve that much. To cry that much. To know that there is more despite any lost hope or delusional landscapes that may lay before you. Everything that isn't love is a façade yet it is all love. Can you love your anger. Can you love your grief. Can you love your joy. Can you love the possibility of the unknown and know that you are. That you are. To allow oneself to receive and see ... to feel through allowing life in to know the difference between perceived realities. Because it is supposed to be fun. It is supposed to be full. Alive. Complete. A knowing and the transmission of the known and the unknown as it resides inside of us and takes on another course allowed to show itself in ways we never thought possible and in direction we never imagined. who are you? Who are you? What are you? who are you What do you want to be? What is your soul calling for? Where do you want it to take you. Over and through any obstacle like a dragon effortlessly flying over the lands and obstacles of old. Meer illusions of the mind trained in the heart. To play and allow. Let things fly. Let the dragon fly into new realms of forgiveness and lust. Into the space of love and desire and allotment of destiny to unfold in ways you never thought imaginable. Because life is a dream. A dream that you get to live. that you get to know. to create and be from the perspective of your soul and the tethers of time. It is all malleable and it is all wanting to be discovered and seen. To be lived. There is time. There is always time. You are time. Let it unravel you. Listen to your soul. Talk into the dusk of the known and discover the unknown. What happens if you mix things up. Just go sit out on the street and see what happens. What comes to you. Sit out and ask for a ride and see where it wants to take you. Let the universe in. Have an intention and then go out and let it move you. and be curious. Be engaged. Allow it to show you. To surprise you. Over come simply be feeling. . . allowing. feel the story that is coming up and then remember your dream no matter how dark, light ,sexy, playful, fun, different. adventurous. mystical, magical, fantastical. Let it all in. Limit nothing. The more exciting the better. Even if it is just sitting on your porch. Let it excite you. Move you. Thrust you into the space of time and allow it to move you and be shown to you. There is nothing you are supposed to or have to do. your dreams are meant for you. They are yours and they will, for lifetimes if needed patiently wait for you to realize them. Dreams all want to become a reality. Experienced. Every secret wants to he unraveled and discovered. Every note played. and every emotion felt. Let them. Allow the chords of the heart to ring into the space and time of the nothingness that is life. That is everything and nothing at all. Write the greatest love story and live it. Forget what you know. Listen to your heart and fantasize about what is possible What you truly want. the universe speaks to you in the form of inspiration. there is much to be found. Everything is light. Thus malleable. Let it in. Feel the life force of nature and let it infect your veins and speak to you through everything. Money is made of the elements. of love. of light as is everything else on this plain. What do you want to create. What is the thing that you are scared to say. Scared to ask fore. Scared to admit? Scared to ask for? What did you forget you could have and create? What got buried under shame, guilt and abandonment/ Under fear? Under the forgetting that you are equal to the ocean. the sun and the mountains. They can't do what you do and you can't do what they do though together you can play and create new worlds.. Discovering again what is possible and how much you can love. REmember. REmember. Love is the path and inspiration is the messenger. Be curious. Be open and fantasize every day. As to fantasize and just receive life. let it in. Let love in let the mystery in. Go into the woods and just be. Let it surround you. Listen to the light. Allow it to infect you like an ancient wine into your blood stream. Let it love you. Let it show you. Be curious.

about everything.

See nothing as it is

and instead as it wants to be. See its potential. Including your own. Always. The potential for authenticity, play and love. Wild abandon at living the unthinkable and instead live feel-able. Welcome to the era of the heart. Feel the story. Feel the story by allowing it in. Take in everything never where you are first with your breath and then with your feet and then with our hands and then with your eyes imagining that nothing is as you perceive it and everything has a gift. If you can't feel it just wait. A low breath and just wit. Be curious. And ask questions about everything. Expect to be surprised. Expect to be excited. Expect to be loved. Expect to have fun. Expect pleasure. Expect. life to open up and fuck you in ways you never imagined and this time you're gonna like it. And then you're gonna love it. It is time to live again. Place all your energy into your dreams. Into what excites you. Write the story you always wanted to live. Imagine it. So where you never have. Go where you always wanted to and then go further. Be the Dragon. Be the Angel. Be the co-creator. Be the lover. Be the romantic. Be the trust. Be. Write with wonder, excitement and mystery. Let it excited you and bring you alive in every way. Let life be the clay for your imagination and inspire you. Again. To love.






With love.

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