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It's one of those moments when, whether it is rational or not, it makes sense - in your body, mind and soul. What is different this time is that there is no questions. Only a Fuck Yes. And then, even when the mind begins to question, should fear arise and it should though it can't last because the light of your knowing deep inside of you is too bright.

It is like a calling that is propelling you into the known unknown. Known in the sense that there are pieces of passion, wonder and curiosity that surround the decision with such enthusiasm and clarity that it is impossible to ignore. Known in the sense that your soul was just waiting until you were ready. For you to feel it. For you to remember. There are no questions - only more excitement for possibilities and the co-creative potential for what happens when the universe is openly invited to play with your clear intention and the potential for magic. There is much a play when all forces of nature are openly and enthusiastically at play. It's a time when the excitement far exceeds the fear and the endless possibilities begin to effortlessly dance around your imagination like a hummingbird enthusiastically pollinating a landscape of sweet nectar filled dreams. It is the beginning of something special. Something that wants to come alive and finally express into life a new possibility of creation of life of creation of expansion of adventure of play of wonder of love. of discovering yourself and the world around you all over again for the first time. and finally say . . .


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