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Life Shift: Living Her Mother's Fight

Vanessa was a gospel singer. She came into our office because she was diabetic. Her sugar levels were 600, she was urinating foam, was constipated, had OCD with dirt, was sleeping inconsistently for 2-5 hours a night, and stayed at home all the time. At the time her first visit her kidneys were operating at 25% and she was in line for a transplant. So we scanned her to see what her body wanted to shift first.

The first thing was, to our surprise, the emotion of vengefulness. The energy was being compressed mostly in her parathyroid (throat chakra/ speaking one's truth/ hormones) and liver (anger). The root of the emotional imbalance in this lifetime went back to the moment she was conceived in relationship to her father. As it turns out her father threw his daughter into the dirt face first and proceeded to rape and impregnated her. Vanessa was to be that child. Vanessa's mother was a quiet and reserved woman who didn't say much. As a consequence of that imbalance, her daughter would balance it out by being extremely out spoken. She grew up to initially become a prison guard. Over the years she got so aggressive that she needed to be restrained and was required to go to counseling. After she was dismissed she went to the other end of the spectrum and used her voice and energy as a gospel singer.

All her life she was fighting for and expressing what her own mother couldn't. An expression of suppressed rage that was gifted to and living vibrantly inside of Vanessa. As soon as we finished scanning Vanessa and wrote down the results on her form both of her nostrils suddenly exploded with blood. It took several minutes to get it under control. Once we did we continued the clearing process during which Vanessa almost passed out. Her body retreating as the trauma was coming up to be seen, felt and shifted. We stabilized her in her chair as we went through the process. We asked her if she wanted to continue. She mumbled out a yes. Two minutes later we finished. She passed out for a moment, came to and then went to the restroom where she urinated fine and had a bowel movement. That night she went home and slept 9 hours followed by 7-9 hours of sleep every night that week. She no longer wanted to stay in the house, her OCD with dirt suddenly went away (side note: the next time I saw Vanessa her dogs were jumping on her white jacket with their muddy paws in the rain while she laughed hysterically and her partner, soon to be wife, Stacy just starred in disbelief. Apparently she kept tissues to wipe off dirt in her car, pockets, coats, room, and purse at all times) and four days later, after eating a slice of birthday cake, measured her sugar levels and they were down to 160 (140 is normal).

The OCD with dirt and nose bleed resonated with her mother being pushed in the dirt just prior to the moment of conception.

Today Vanessa and Stacy are happily married and living life passionately together.

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