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Life Shift: Politics Unraveled

Several years ago I was at a 2-day educational workshop that was focusing on one of the technologies I was using. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of wonderful people. Other practitioners from all over the country. As we were assigned to work in groups, I got to know certain practitioners more then other. One in particular had come down from Pennsylvania where he was a chiropractor who also worked with alternative technology. A really wonderful man though he was new to using the technology. So I invited him over my place to show him my protocols and play with the technology. Because there literally a million different ways that you can use the technology it can be nice to have a foundation to springboard from - especially one that has shown to be consistently effective. So he came over after dinner. When he came in he said, So what brought you to North Carolina. I said I was needing a break for NYC and I wanted to help out with the campaign.

To my surprise he said, "Well I hope it wasn't Obama!" (It was.)

The only reason I was surprise is because of his profession. My experience was that most chiropractors who were working in alternative medicine were democratic. I was clearly stereotyping. I was a crew chief for the Black Mountain area. After being in the campaign I came to be more curious then anything when it came to discussing people's perspectives. I was always interested in hearing why people believed or voted the way that they did. It no longer mattered to me what they believed. It wasn't my job to change anyone's belief system as much as it was to discover the heart of where they were coming from and why.

Since he had broken my stereotype wide open I was really curious. So I started asking him questions about why he voted for McCain and Palin. The list was mostly about why Obama was a terrible president. Although I heard everything he said, nothing really resonated with me with regard to facts as much as I knew. I was pretty well informed I thought, though I could be wrong. I definitely have been before. Regardless, things just didn't quite fit except for two things which were based on opinion and belief. He was pro-choice and anti gay marriage. All the other facts didn't resonate with me as factual. Though again, I could be wrong. It was a lovely conversation.

Eventually we made it over to the technology. I did an initial scan to share my protocol with him to see what would come up. The initial block that came up resonated that he had a twin sister who died when they were three months in the womb. He energetically felt his sister die when they were forming. It suddenly made sense why he would fight so passionately for pro-choice and against gay marriage. They were the only two things that would not produce a child or keep his sister alive. Once I told him that he said,

"That's funny a Shaman just told me a had a twin sister when I was in the womb."

After that day I knew I couldn't judge anyone's choices. He had no idea why he was pro choice or against gay marriage. He just was. It was inside of his system because he loved his sister so much.

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