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Life Shift: Rachel's Dream

It had been ten years since the captain asked Rachel if she wanted to go around the world with him on his boat. She had only been married for 4 months when the call came. She was a novice sailor though she had the heart, the desire and the curiosity to go for it. It just wasn't stronger then her fear of being abandoned. She believed that if she left to live her dream her husband would leave her. So she said no. She had regretted it ever since. Then years later she came in my office and we did a scan. She had come in because her mother and sister were getting scans. After seeing the benefits she wanted to see what would come up. There are 7 different heart layers that we look at when someone comes to the office. These have a profound effect on people's health, vibration and life when they have resistance. Once the resistance is shifted into flow the energy can be like a wild animal being set free out of a cage causing all kinds of miracles and manifestations. In this instance, the heart layer of desire came up to be shifted, which is connected to the third eye, from an event ten years past in relationship to her husband. With no prior knowledge of it, the technology had pinpointed this event. Through the process of incorporating New German Medicine, we shifted the vibration into flow. Four days later she got a text message form the Captain, who she had not heard from in seven years, saying he was heading out around the world again and was wondering if she wanted to come and help out on the ship. This time it was a resounding Yes! Once the resistance of our desires and manifestations has subsided things, experiences, people can come in at an incredible rate. Sometimes almost instantly.

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