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LifeShift: Disease wants you to live

I have had the privilege of witnessing some of the most intimate, vulnerable and beautiful moments in so many people's lives. Like buried treasure, as people's stories, truth and hearts reveal themselves to themselves and the world. Since I started working in bioenergetics and mediumship I have been seeing the world in a dramatically different way. That all started with disease. I think we all have certain ah-ha moments where things just click and suddenly the world is different and suddenly everything has a different story. I have been challenged and fortunate enough to have had many of those moments. It can take a minute when everything you thought was one thing reveals itself as something different. Like the earth was flat and now it is round. It opens up an entirely new paradigm to discover, which can be simultaneously terrifying and inspiring.

One of those moment happened with a client of mine, Michelle, who had breast cancer. In my work the breasts emotionally are about nourishment. To give (right) and receive (left) nourishment. When she came to see me we did an initial scan and the first thing that came up was an inability to receive or to ask for help. So we started by me asking her to ask me to ask for help. She had booked a session though had not actually asked for help. She looked me in the eye and initially couldn't say anything and just sobbed. It was such a beautiful moment of vulnerability. About 10 minutes later she was able to get the words out. Up until that point it wouldn't have mattered how many sessions we had. She wouldn't have been able to energetically receive any help. We went on to shift the remaining emotional imbalances that came up for the session and schedule our next appointment.

At our next appointment it came up that we needed to open up the energy around nourishment and receptivity (what came up as the resonate root of her imbalance). To do this we have a shifting process that takes anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours depending on the depth of the story. I say shifting because what we are wanting to do is shift all the energy that fed into creating the issue to be reallocated into serving what we want to create instead. The clearing process deals with a guided process. During this particular session I saw the energy of a little girl burst into the room and start hopping around and playfully jumping on everyone. This was new for me. I though I was just making this up though it felt like there was something to it.

So I paused the process and told Michelle what I was seeing. She asked me who she was and I said I don't know. I'll ask, which at the time felt as weird as me seeing this vision.

So I asked the girl who she was and she playfully said, "I'm the cancer!"

I told Michelle what I heard as the energy got progressively more and more playful

I said, "Oh. Well hello. Can I help you?"

At this point I'm like I've heard of stranger things and we are already in a conversation so let's see where this goes.

The little girl jumped on Michelle's lap and said, "Wasn't that a great party we held last weekend? What do you want to do next?"

I came to learn that she has just completed a fundraiser (ask for help) and raised close to $32,000 for her to treat her cancer with alternative medicine. "Let's travel! I wanna go zip lining. Let's go to Costa Rica or Peru on an adventure!"

The beautiful thing was that the little girl wasn't inside of Michelle It was holding her. Pulling her by the arm like it was trying to take her somewhere. On an adventure to reminder her and so many others to live. Again.

Michelle went on to travel to several locations all over Central and South America where she documented her process and began to create a new life and identity for herself becoming a spokes person for alternative medicine.

It was on this day that I learned that sometimes it isn't the miracle that we get, but an adventure taking us there. Taking us home. To ourselves.

That her disease was there to remind her to take care of herself, to enjoy life, to explore, to travel, to expand, to play, to feel and to love Herself, her family, life and all it has to offer her in the form of others, nature, and vulnerability. To reawaken her inner child again who hadn't had permission to be. to play. to be seen and have fun for decades. Yet isn't that why we are here? To feel. To play and create and share.

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