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Lost and Find

It is impossible to discover something if you always know where you are. Discovery is in the unknown. It is taking a risk. It is allowing space for the universe and all of its magic to come in and show you what you couldn’t see and only imagined. It’s all real. All of it. And it’s tangible If you’re open to it and can believe it. So much magic and mystery. Lost I in time and space literally like a gameboard waiting to found. Waiting to be played with. Waiting to be a part of your story. A part of our story. And it all begins with the heart. With really feeling. Though to feel is a mental construct. Feeling only comes from allowance. Allowing what is to be and letting it move you. The feeling is a consequence. There is nothing to find in what we already know yet so often the dark is criticized creating a paradigm of good and evil that only exists in a constructed reality. Yet it does inspire great stories, a lot of play, more creation and epic experiences that tap the heart and the remembrance of what is. Though what is the dark? It’s simply the unknown. The unexplored. The adventure of exploration moment to moment into a new space of Curiosity that asks what is that? Because everything in the universe wants to be discovered. Everything. And everything has a sound. People, places, things, books, ideas, the elements. They all have a sound though some only can be felt. The allowance through curiosity. Can you hear it?

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