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Random Acts of Kindness

Was heading back tonight from Nosara to what I thought was Nosara (where I am staying by Guiones in Costa Rica. Today was full of tremendous emotion and energy in the form of terror, and panic and love and gratitude. I felt called to finally leave my nest and head into the wild. To somewhere new. It was nice to walk. Refreshing and empowering especially after finishing the second installment of the Chocolate Donut Diaries. Freeing is perhaps the best word. I decided to turn around and head back. It was getting dark and was likely to be a while before I made it. Shortly after I made the turn out of the market where I grabbed some eggs a Tuk-Tuk stopped and asked if I wanted a ride. I slowly walked up to him and said how much?"

Tres Mil (3000 colones / 5 dollars)

That was all I had with me in cash so I said no

He reduced it to 2000

I said thank you but I'll walk.

He was very kind. We exchanged gratitudes and he took off and I continued to walk.

I wanted a ride though was enjoying the evening. The weather was wonderful and the road was paved thus much easier to handle today. If I wanted a ride I was trusting it would show up. About 20 yards down the road the Took-Took stopped. I saw him on his phone. I walked past him while he was engaged in his conversation. A minute or two later he drove past me and offered me a ride. He said he had to go to the beach to meet his family and to get in because he was heading that way. He was really sweet. His name was Greivin. He had to write it in the mud for me to read it.

This mirrored how the universe showed up for me the night before when I was falling apart. Crying and screaming under the dark skies of a quiet Friday. Cursing my life, wanting a ride so desperately my feet pounding my heart and head with each step. It was powerful and excruciating. And then I stopped and through tears said I know you love me. I know I am loved. Remembering that there is a more divine plan at hand and that love is always holding the pen. Less then a minute later a took-took drove up next to me and offered me a free ride back to the hostel. His name was Luis and he was an Angel. It reminded me that there is a God. I hear you. Thank you for listening to me. I love you.

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