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The House (Day 6)

Upon closer examination of their home, one would notice intricate details that were carved into the walls. Various layers of love that were crafted into the stones that contained the secrets of the Leuruna family. While they often had guests, few made it past the first floor. They would hold charity events, small galas, holiday celebrations and birthdays throughout the year. They had exquisite taste and the space was hypnotically seductive in nature. A sort of Kundalini Feng Shui with the subtle shapes carved into the walls depicting a story that was more vibrational then literal. A story that would be felt by all those that would resonate with it. For others it would simply stimulate a sense of curiosity. Activating their bodies and imaginations. It was as though the room was alive and in a sense it was.

It just wasn't moving.

The events were extraordinarily successful. Often surpassing expectations, they attracted patrons from all over the greater New England area as well as Philadelphia, D.C. and New York, to partake in their experiences and support each dream in the form of a cause. An experience that was designed to nourish and maximize the potential for each desired vision. Each event was always uniquely themed with specific dress usually pertaining to a certain style and color. Every detail, from the food and the music to the lighting and the way people dressed, fed and cultivated into the powerful resonate masterpiece that would become the evening. One moment feeding into another through a magnetic stream of curiosity, play and presence. Leaving an experiential impression that would, by the end of the night, have soaked through one's senses and into their bodies in the form of inspiration and desire. Guests would often find themselves asking themselves the simple question, as they walked down the dimly lit path to society

"What more is possible?"

Not because of what they saw as much as what they felt. Inspiring their own lives.

For those that did attended, the experience started at the front gate where a old iron lantern encased in colored tinted glass hung over the sidewalk. Lit by a flame fed by a wick soaked in oil. Specific essential oils were added depending on the night's theme. To begin the evening each guest was given a unique expression to share that was specific to them and the event. Often a verse from a poem, play or ancient text that would playfully resonate with the individual and the theme of the evening. Once shared, the large iron lock slowly unhinged, the metal lightly scrapping against itself as the doors opened on their own.

Their version of raising the curtain before a performance. If there was anything the Leuruna family was known for in its close circles, it was being creatively yet mysteriously playful.

Once inside the adventure began. To get to the house was an experience all to itself. Attendees would follow interchangeable signs that lead them down one of many carefully sculpted paths. All intricately laid works of art that weaved and rolled like a stream of stone into the unknown. The path was a painting with various hidden shapes, subtly vibrant and mysterious forms shaped, crafted and cut into its expression. The land was magical, filled with vegetation that was carefully manicured with hedges, natural wooden fences, fruit trees, herbs and flowers. All harvested on a daily basis for cooking, aesthetics and aromas in and around the house. The walkways had various twists and turns taking people to a variety of entrances depending on the event, the individual or the timing. Along the way guests would have the option to playfully explore various experiences while discovering themselves, the land and the timeless edifice that awaited them.

The house was like a living breathing being. To walk into it was to walk through time as each part of the house held and resonated with a certain part of a story. A certain era. A certain pilgrimage into being that was written and encased into the walls, floors, artifacts and hand crafted furniture that donned them. In the middle of the house various courtyards can be found carved into different containers of resonance complete with pools and streams of water, various cauldrons of fire and vibrant aromatic vegetation. The perfect stage to Inspire creation and all those that attended.

And this night, in particular wouldn't be any different.

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