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today of the power and importance of being in the quiet. A year ago, after 8 days of silence, I began to speak and as the vibration came out of my heart and through my body I cried as sound in the form of words fell from my body with a profoundly deep and effortlessly authentic expression from my soul. The meditation began to awaken something in me that I had long forgotten and today reminds me again to return into the quiet - in body, heart mind and soul.

To reconnect with humanity, the elements, Gaia and a deeper truth. A deeper calling to serve, co-create and love more deeply with presence, passion and play. Remembering how loud the quiet truly is, yet it it wraps around you and all of your senses with the voice of source of love of a remembering of our true calling of our oneness and the sound of silence as she speaks beckoning us to come home to ourselves, this sacred planet that supports us and a deep passionate love for life.

Tremendous love and gratitude for Orpheus Bi for creating the container and holding space for one of the most powerful weeks of my life. Aho Brother.

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