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The Real Witch Trials (Day 7)

Things weren't what they seemed. Though are they ever? Recorded history is often written by the authors of what makes sense. Of comfort. Of sanity. Of practicality. Of good guys and bad guys. What can fit into a box as not to disrupt reality, history as we knew it or disempower those who wish to stay hidden or in control or disrupt those that were not. Instead continue to feed into the current stream of practical history. Although people love a great story and hearing all about magic and mayhem it is often put into the category of legend, myth and lore so they could sleep at night. Truths that, if accepted and known, could dramatically shift reality into a new space of remembrance or expansion. Though to accept such ideas can cause fear, chaos and the dismantlement of life as people know it and the need to question all that came before it, which can also cause people to go insane. A beautiful idea that many would embrace though the world wasn't ready for it. So instead boxes were made and often burned, buried or locked away. Kept from the masses as things continue to unravel in the space of whispers at a pace that can be easily handled and played with through time. For if anyone were to know the truth or even a sliver of it, nothing would be the same and all the history books would have to be burned or placed on the shelf under the category of 'Constructed Fiction'.

The infamous witch trials of 1692 were no exception as they are still deeply misunderstood by the masses. Just one example of such recorded historical atrocities though in doing so it has inspired endless stories and authentic magic that otherwise may never have been created or played with. It just wasn't time. The world wasn't ready for that much magic. Yet, as always, it was still perfect.

To understand what really happened one would have to look closer at the historical facts and of who, what and where and have an open mind and wild imagination. Only then can it be understood why the truth was kept a secret. At its core, a love story gone astray. Still, to this day, finding its way.

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