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The Song of a Woman

Her voice marries into the endless night with grace. Effortlessly like the sun her sound dances with the shadows, with the souls of men and women, with hearts that lay silently like cold stones on the floor of the river bed corroded by pain and loss having forgotten that the running waters of life are not there to hurt them or wear them down, but instead a nourishing and loving feminine hand that is helping carve and inspire them into life to re-form and constantly become again and again an ever changing creation of their own divinity Influencing all that they touch painting all around them life with the unique spectrum of colors of their expression The vibration of her sound pours generously from her heart Seducing their senses to come alive again To receive life To remember just remember why they are here Lightly grazing their shields like the constant water of a soft delicate stream warm needless unconditional love A gift in the form of sound that gives all that hear it space if only for a moment To forget the facade of their fears and the stories of past lives, loss and broken hearts Giving them space and the unexpected safety inviting them to open up to let go to feel again Each drop a note a moment marrying with the earth in her hands to create the chords of the expression of her heart thrown playfully out to the world. Filled with compassion that caress over, under, around and through the rocky depths of the still chaos with her songs of life stimulating, like the hands of a passionate lover, these ancient beings below that have quietly endured the tests of time and forgotten what they are calling them inviting them to dance again awakening them in a form of ecstasy her notes kissing them sweetly as the sound seeks out their cracks filling them with gold and reminding them that they are whole that they are loved and that they have a purpose for they are the keepers of secrets and the co-creaters of life And it is only when they awaken that anything new can happen when we marry the darkness with the light All of life is waiting Listen. not to the words but to the heart which can only be felt feel the tears the rage the love the laughter for they are all an expression of her song longing for us to come home as it infects your soul let it feed the feminine to feel and sing again Louder and more passionately then ever in all of her expression be it rage, grief or joy they are all expressions of love and they are all her song brought to the world like all creation to inspire and teach us rousing the masculine’s desire to expand the depth and strength of his limbs so, like atlas, he can forever hold the ground she so preciously dances upon and never for a moment make her wonder if she is safe and never again stop singing. Hear her song let down your guard so she can get inside of you and awaken your heart and begin to Remember again who you are.

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