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In everyone's life where the universe is cornering us to say fuck this shit because it knows our soul, what we are capable of and why we came here. Simultaneously an awakening and a calling to us to remember how precious our time is here, how magnificent our bodies are, how powerful our love is and how beautiful each and every one of us are as we take in again the wonder and miracle of life and the planet we live on. It bring us to a point where there isn't anything else that we can do except engage with the fear that has been keeping us from the dreams and desires before us that have been, like an angel, whispering in our ear since we were young. Remember that everything up to this point has been leading up to something. that your dreams and desires are co-creative gifts from source. They are our calling. Our heart's creative expression and service that becomes, inspires and expands life. Not only our own All of that in the universe.

So the universe begins to break us open Out of our invisible molds that we created or crawled into when we were young. Molds that become paradigms of routine of comfort of regularity of survival Part of the journey.

Transforming us into genuinely thriving creatures of creative expression full of magic, wonder and endless possibility. Beautiful beasts that were living inside of us that propel us and take on a mind and life of their own a life force that is unpredictably captivating feeding the soul and pushing us living life to its fullest In it rests a profound sense of trust, wonder adventure vulnerability gratitude love and enthusiastic determination that walks yet endlessly into the excitement of the unknown. There are things that bring us alive and, in the beginning, they are typically laced with mystery and fear. Yet the itch of it's calling is constant like a divine indestructible mosquito Lovingly refusing to leave us alone. It calls to you in the night in your dreams during the day when you eat, work, shit, shower when you look in the mirror and ask yourself, Who am I? What am I doing here? Your soul knows. And You know. Perhaps you forgot yet trust that you know. Because it came with you. It is a living thing inside of you. It always has been. If you don't remember stop whatever the hell you are doing and look at yourself in the mirror for 15 minutes and get lost in your eyes Look into your soul and ask that quest-ion and see what you hear. Or pick up a pen as just start writing until you have exhausted your hands and all the BS that is covering up your truth. You will know when the truth has come to the surface because it will equally excite and scare you. As the revelations flow through your hand like water. Perhaps you're reluctant at first. That's normal. Though as it stews it begins to awaken something in your soul. Patterns begin to reveal themselves under a new light until you can't bear it anymore. It begins to show your comfortable mind and current paradigm that there is a life to be lived beyond what you ever imagined. It begins to awaken a code inside of you that was dormant patiently waiting until you were ready to see it again and lovingly invite you to say yes to your journey to living the life you came here to live.

From there it truly is that simple simply say yes. And then the inspired path begins to reveal itself. One juicy piece at a time. Revealing only what you need to see because it is supposed to be a mystery Fun. Armed only with Trust, Willingness, Imagination Intuition Heart Love and a faithful vision that keeps calling you each day to live the life you came here for.

Then, while we tread high above the familiar ground below We hold in our hands a powerful rod that simultaneously embodies our passion and fear One step at a time We walk forwards into ourselves. Into life. Into the unknown. There are so many unknowns. Yet that is what makes it exciting. How far we are willing to jump and continue to walk forwards is dependent on how much we are willing to trust and be present with the life that is before us knowing that each moment is only for now as things we can not yet see are unraveling for us to help us write our own greatest story. Though to write that story we must walk. We must breath. We must keep our eyes open to be the witness of that great adventure and feel each and every step of the way as it unfolds for us. For all of us. We get to live our greatest story should we choose it. Though we must first choose it. Once we choose it, like a lover, it begins to draw us to her. A muse courting us to step into our power and potential to create, to love to remember because she can see what we can not - our true power and beauty and will repeatedly beckon us to step into it until we feel, experience and know who and what we are, which is a divine expression of Source. Love. Make your Fuck Yes bigger then you Ah Fuck. Dreams don't give up on people. They are fearless patiently waiting and wanting to be created. Only people are scared while the dreams asks, "of what?" Silly Rabbit.

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