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Your Eyes: A Love Poem

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Every since I was a child I have always seen people's eyes first. At times it was and still is the only thing that I see - especially with women. I used to wonder if it was because I was being polite, but I later realized it was because it was only there that I could see everything that ever truly mattered. The heart. The soul. Myself. The moment. The reason I exist the inspiration of creation. For nothing has moved more hearts and men then the eyes of a woman.

Music Credit: The Southern Sea by Garth Stevenson

Photo Credit to so many incredible photographers and souls I do not know.


They give me hope.

For all of mankind.

When I look in them

I get lost

and remember

that there is something

so much greater

then anything

I have ever conceived of.

I remember that 'now'

is everything

and finally understand

why men fight for the future.

For in the quiet stillness

of that moment

in your eyes

everything else ceases to exist

yet I experience everything,

perhaps for the first time,

that matters.

My clouded vision of old,

a painted glass canvas of limited

ideas and beliefs

of you

of myself

of us

calmly shatters.

The loyal fog

that I have played in

for eons

finally begins to thin

and, wrapped in a soft breeze,

playfully drifts through the air

and casually transforms

into the nothingness.

Unraveling everything that thought was

Leaving me to float in a warm darkness that envelops me

and holds me asking me to just breath

and wait

until I can be still

so I can be present for

I see the dawn break

revealing a vast horizon

of new worlds of unlimited potential

love again.

across a landscape that I remember from my dreams

laying the ground for a new story

It is the stuff

composed of legends written in love

I return to your eyes and see so clearly

how I have been fighting

to prove myself worthy of you again

and hid the parts of me that I hated

and in the process

killing myself,

killing us

and everything we ever created

only because I forgot what I am

only because I could not look in your eyes

long enough to feel

to remember

to see

in your reflection

everything that I was protecting.

keeping my worthlessness from you

avoiding my deepest truths

hidden from my consciousness.

hidden from letting you see

That I had created a problem

I was not truly trying to solve

because I was scared

to feel you again

to remember what love felt like

to lose you again.

I left to be more.

So you could accept me.

but In that moment

my life as I knew it


and I became less

no longer accept myself.

I see

what I have been doing

I see you

a mirror,

an inspiration,

a goddess

a creator


for all of life.

My equal

My soulmate

My queen

My co-creator

My love


imagining you

laying down across from me

taking your eyes in

I let them to strip me of

my protective fabric

allowing you to see

my deepest shame

my greatest fears

my grief

my pain

and my confusion that everything I thought I was fighting for

had been a lie.

It was a story I believed and blamed you.

And as the pages began to vanish

on the other side

still waiting

were your eyes.

Angry and Present

Sad and Patient

Loving and Compassionate

waiting for me

To remember.

Sad and angry at what I had done, but even more at forgetting what I am.

I crumble

as the grief flows from my eyes

into the very ground I was sent to protect.

And as I look up I see

in you...


and I begin to remember.

That I am a creator

and that I have a choice.

To continue to write the same story

with different faces

and different places


to remember who I am

and receive the gifts of this life with gratitude

Claiming my own divinity and

finally picking up the pen

writing the story that has been,

for all of time

waiting to be told.

The entire universe eagerly

awaiting our choice. My choice.

Because it is my responsibility

For we are one.

I see your grief and your anger

at me

for leaving you

to try to fix what was not broken.

Scared to feel the abyss of my shame

thinking is was bottomless

I left to be better

and so you couldn’t see me in my grief

in my self-loathing

in my own perceived weakness

in my incompetence

thinking it would make me less whole

forgetting that was part of my wholeness

and that

it was there

in your arms

that I could find my strength

to stand again

and face the army of any demon

I created for myself to play with.

And come home to myself. To you.

I see your grief that

my inconsistent winds have

caused you to lose trust in me

impulsively following gusts of fear

and going at it alone.

instead of the constant stream of my heart

and letting you in.

I never wanted to leave you

but because I couldn’t hear you

over the chaos of my fears.

Forgetting that we are one.

That what I could not see

could only be seen together

with you.

That the only thing I needed to do was

sit and just feel all of it

with you.

We can choose

my fellow brothers.

To love. To protect. To be constant.

To be the tree with roots so deep

that should lighting strike

it would only add character

to its ever growing and expanding pillars

that reach into far away lands

and endlessly into the sky for her to climb on

and dance under.

and like a flower


and sing

Reminding us why we live

and inspiring us with their

vibrant song to be more.

Or to continue to forget.

To take. To hurt. To intimidate.

To run. To freeze. To hide. To control.

All because we forgot our own divinity

All because we forgot to love ourselves.

A greater self that can only be reflected back from the eyes of a woman.

You are the one thing we can never conquer

For it is why we fight. And even that is because we are lost

For if we could only see what has been right in front of us all along

The Earth would tremble in resounding joy

as all arms fell to the ground

and in a moment of silence

the only question that can be heard

in total disbelief is. . .

What have we been doing?

Become unshakable my brothers

and if you are shaken

be vulnerable

be present

feel the tremors

letting them guide and delight you

with the opportunity

to grow deeper, higher and wider

expanding into new lands

and what you never knew possible.

And provide a glorious canopy that love

can dance endlessly under

climbing your branches to safely see the world

sensuously bitting into your fruit and sucking the sweetness from your branches

as the juice pours down her,

through and over her vessel,

inspiring her to create


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