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Your Navel: A Love Poem

It was early on that I began writing this specific series of poems. Each one dedicated to and inspired by a part of my lover's body. Please know that I am not sharing personal information about my relationships with anyone in these poems (photos or information). I respect that deeply. These are all my heart's inspiration. The stories I have written as a consequence of my experiences and they are all a reflection of my heart.

I have this thing that I do. It is how I see the world. It is how my eyes feel the world. It is difficult to articulate. I experience things past their shell first. I feel the authentic light in everything behind its walls. So when I saw her, when I touched her, poetry coursed through my veins in the form of a feeling. An experience. A vibrational poem that resonated through every fiber of my being that I would only communicate with my hands. Now I use my pen so I can share that feeling with the world celebrating that. A reflection of my heart and what her soul inspired out of me. I never wrote anything down until then. A time when all I could do was feel for which I am so grateful.

That journey began with her beautiful navel.


Music Credit: Hymn by Ashana from the album Jewels of Silence

Photo Credit: I do not know


For Amy

So many times I have delightfully lost my way discovering the intricate lines of your navel My hands lovingly wrapped around you My finger tips lightly touching your skin and slowly delicately curiously slide over you in awe fascinated by every detail accentuated by your shadows that you bring light to as you breathe life into the valley of your place in the world. Each breath a gift because I get to be here in this world with you for another moment.

My soft lips purse and gracefully fall in to you. I inhale your essence stirring in me reason, purpose and inspiration I exhale gratitude in to your sacred crevasse with every touch I try to say I love you but somehow it never feels like enough. So many times I have held you here with my delicate strong hands writing love notes with my face as I curl up into you feeling the field of your emotions pressed against my cheek and the soft shadows of your landscape against my senses.

As I surrender held in your navel gratitude for your mother begins to bath over me that she was gracious enough to keep you so safe and share you with the world because if it was me I would not let you out until I ran out of ways to tell you, to show you, to be with you that let you know how much I love you. Then I would have to because the world needs to know what love looks like what it feels like because there is not enough of it. Because the problem is not that there are too many people in this world. The problem is that too many people have forgotten that it is safe to love. We are safe to love again. To remember. We all are. Everything and everyone.

You are love and you are loved endlessly.

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