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Heart Ride Home

 is an exploration of what is possible. A self-imposed adventure into the heart of who we are through a state of play.

an opportunity to practice as conscious creators / manifestors.


heart ride home is a journey 

a journey that empowers us to write a new story

for ourselves and for humanity


heart ride home is a vibrant blank new canvas 

on which we get to paint our dreams and desires,

imagine ourselves anew

and watch as the universe responds

playfully, quickly, directly, magically


Along the way we are collecting stories, meeting amazing souls, and sharing our gifts,

and serving others while also receiving more than we could ever imagine

It’s more fun this way

Each day we are consciously choosing 

to align with our desires

with sensuality, creativity, pleasure, abundance, inspiration and play 


Each day we are consciously choosing

to embrace the extraordinary as ordinary

and be the change we wish to see


Each day we are consciously choosing 

to inhabit our authentic vibration,

and embody a paradigm 

each day we are consciously choosing

to meet the unknown

with radical trust, curiosity, openness, and excitement

more than we were taught to allow


Each day we are learning

that the universe has our back

As we practice radical faith

presence, pleasure, gratitude and self-love

As we allow ourselves to be surprised by life

In the most wondrous ways

riding beyond our habits

and cultural conditioning

to remember

who we really are


Each day we are choosing

to see what is possible.

to see what we can create.

To remember that we are creators.

To see how much pleasure and play we can let in.

and how extraordinary and magical life can truly be.


aka the Jamis Renegade Exploit

was recruited at Epic Cycles in Black Mountain, NC under the influence and guidance of the notable bicycle gang Aaryn and the Mechanics. Their manager, Allan Hightower, a wise and heart-led robust man who rode his heart home back in the 80s (and several times since), provided invaluable wisdom and knowledge that made Tank such a simple, compelling and perfect choice. With five bags now weighing in at approximately 70+ pounds of gear Tank is a smooth, consistent, dependable, and strong companion, as well as a manifestation magnet. Like Aliza, this was the first bike Akana saw and after going to 6 other cycling stores ended coming right back to where he started. It is in this way that Tank was born.

Kona Libre and Jamis Renegade.jpg


Kona Beauty.png

aka the Kona Libre

was first seen outside of Epic Cycles in Black Mountain, NC.  It was the first thing we noticed as soon as we parked. We didn't know what it was (it's aura was so magical, purple and sparkly like a unicorn) but when we realized it was a bicycle, we knew it was "THE bike". It was purple after all . . . Aliza's favorite color, and a unicorn... Aliza's spirit animal.  Aliza was, naturally, in love. Epic Cycles contacted Kona and they were out of stock. Details. Aliza was on a mission. After visiting every bike shop in Asheville and even a few online, only to discover that unicorns can't be shipped overseas, we found one at Asheville Bicycle Company. Hoorah. They had one left and it was the perfect size. Obvi. 

It Takes a village to Raise a Bike Tour

Getting to this point has been a journey itself. 



Marc pierre lemauviel for his incredible photography, heart and generosity

The Horseshoe Farm Family (Jordan, Rachel, Johney, Susie, Laz, Soup) for reminding us how incredible a broken front rack (and a retreat center) can be

Rena paul: For being the inspirational hot vibrant dancing queen that you are and all that you are creating in the world to make this an even more amazing place to live life. 

Mike and Bobbi (and Buddy) for showing us how generous strangers can be

Lake Furney for sharing his wisdom, heart, soul and home with us and the world

Alyson, Matt  for being a constant reminder of sincere heart filled generosity and drive to make the world a better place

Tia Gao: For always surprising me with how generous, profound, honest and beautiful a soul can be and much a soul can transform into the possibility of anything when someone follows their heart.

Jon Brooks for being the huge piece of magic that you have always been, the middle-man and making it all happen at the last minute

Corey Mitchell for reminding us what it is to be a badass and how to change the world through the arts and a lot of sass. 

Coach Steve: for giving the best spin class ever and additional motivation and excitement for the triathalon

Ericka Czerwinski: For being the inspirational fun hot bad ass that you are and so much more. And for inspiring us to team up and play with you in a triathlon.

Ben Das: For the brotherly support into all that we are doing and are and the heart-filled authentic and vulnerable intellectual stimulation that makes us feel alive in conversation.

Sean, Melissa and Bodhi Pace: For giving us a launching pad, a reminder that friendship has no timelines and an example of how much love can be contained in one house. You are incredible artists, souls and parents.   

JEFF & JUDY DIAMOND: For being our jewish parents away from home. for your incredible warmth, love and southern hospitality during a time of radical transition. for all the dad jokes and laughs.

David Furr: For helping reawaken a part of my soul that I had almost forgotten and how profoundly beautiful and powerful acting and theatrical productions can be.   

William Esper Studio: For helping me find and feel my authenticity, heart and soul and a pathway to remembering how to live an extraordinary life. 

Scott Stephens and Camille Williams: For being a constant friend, sharing your incredible home with us and being  an example of what it is to create and live the life you want. 

Tisha Williams: For being my mother's best friend in the world and making the last year of her life that much more beautiful and joyous. 

Joe Booth: For being such a generous soul and making the jump to come down and see your sister and share your life with her when it mattered most.  

Kristin Cauldwell: For being my sister, mom's guardian angel  and supporting me on my journey in the ways I have needed it most, but often not understood.  

Connie Cauldwell (Akana's Mom): For giving me life, the opportunity and freedom to discover who I am and for always supporting me in the ways you could no matter what 

aaryn Joyner and the Mechanics (Seth, and their groupies Promethius and Mark): for your unconditional generosity and friendship during our prep phase. we are forever grateful.

Allan Hightower: For being our Bicycle Touring GURU and your generous heart filled support (in so many ways!) to help make this journey the best one it can be.

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