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The Ride Shift 


Each day begins with a meditation, writing, reading, an intention, and an ask.


I am sharing all photos and stories reflecting people, places, businesses and events in relation to the mission of the journey. 


I always share what I have, my gifts and technology whenever it is asked. 


Follow my heart and go with my gut.


All food and shelter is provided by or from Gaia or shared gifts from others.


All donated or acquired cash is given to others as inspired gifts along the journey.


Generosity, adoration and love are the currency.


The main compass is my Intuition as I wain away from GPS and maps


I can ask for help 5 times a week.


I am journaling daily and one day a week is reserved for sharing the adventure on the blog and newsletter.


I help or play with others whenever they ask or offer assistance if I am inspired or see they are in need. 


I honor food with my presence when I am preparing, sharing, serving or eating. 


I share one person's story every day. 


If someone offers a meal, gift, experience, opportunity or place to stay I say yes as long as it does not compromise the other guidelines.


I am exposing myself to the elements as much as possible and switching to skis when the snow comes.

I am on an extraordinary journey home to the inner core of my soul and deep connection with this beautiful planet, humanity and it's most authentic heart in all of its colors. I have decided to embark on this adventure without finances or shelter  and listening with each moment to my intuition. I am trusting the magic of universe and the kindness of strangers while I share all of the magic on my blog along the way. 

When I connect with particular people, experiences and businesses I will share the stories of their hearts, passions and struggles on my blog and on social media. I like to get to the heart of people as I understand how resonance allows us to.

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