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Free Writing Entry: The beast we fight

12 Minutes

There is a piece of me that rests deep inside, that is here to play and has been awoken before though I know not why. It feels like it can only be of good to those that are around it. There are times that I question it. Wondering why are you here? Isn't this from times long past? Aren't you finished? Are you done with this kind of love and discord? Aren't you finished with hating things and loving them at the same time? There are times when I see this piece of me. My own beast that I invite to the door. Pieces that I have seen in the shadow that is reflected off of my figure in the sunlight. Revealing to me what rests inside of me that I can not see. A beast of ages past. Powerful animal. A dragon that can pave the way or destroy. Erase any obstacle or gracefully fly over them and land on the top of a perch. Whose fire can clear the land for farming or destroy those that I have hated and longed to hurt. Though they are me and I know that. They are parts of me that I have forgotten to give a voice, that I have forgotten to love. Forgotten to see and acknowledge remembering that they too are divine and they too are like me. A part of me that I am forgetting. Though am I avoiding the game? Am I not playing in doing so? In glazing over them. They are truly where the fire of my soul rests. The thrusters of creation. The place for presence in the space of freedom and allowance of unparalleled energy that can do anything. Should I allow it. Though I have kept you quiet.



I just hid you because I didn't know how to use you. Or I did and I hurt people. Or I hated people. Or something else I judged in some other lifetime forgetting love.

Forgetting who I am.



and . . .

It is time. I want it to be time. Can I trust my own dragon? To tame my own dragon and wield it for the purpose of passion and love. To use it to help create the life and world that I know is possible - a new age. A new way of unparalleled play that can create anything from a space of fun, presence and love. Adoration at life and the world around me.

And you.

Oh you.

How I have forgotten you.

How I love you.

To see you again.

To remember you.

To feel you.

To be inside of you again.

To hold you.

To smell you.

To breath you and let you infect my every cell like an ancient wine and inspire me yet again. Reminding me why I live. Why I love and why men fought for love. Forgetting there way nothing to fight or prove. It was worth dying for only because it was



that they were fighting for that they had forgotten was already there.

The opportunity to live.

To love again another day.

This is the day

This is the way.

Can I allow it?

Can I give myself permission?

Can I allow my dragon to awaken again?

To be set free and know that it is always connected to my heart as is my phallus, my mind, my sword and my intention. That all is aligned and the heart is open, honest and full of curiosity like a child inspired by endless imagination

The universe speaking to me in volumes with every look.

Every glance.

Every thought.

Reminding me again that I am a creator and I can create. And have been creating. And I am love and I am. I am and so are you. Let us dance together again. To remember again why we went through all of this. Why we are here and what is possible when this much love and gratitude co-exist in the space of this wonderful place we call


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