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Free Writings: Anger & Awakening the Dragon

Prompt: Anger

You are so judged.

I wish I lost my shit.

My truth backed by honest rage.

A key to life.

The key to freedom.

The key that so often remains unheard and protected.

Don't get too angry.

Don't yell.

Don't be mean.

My mentor used to say fuck polite be honest.

Honesty isn't mean. It’s honest. It is truth.

It is the most resonant part of someone and it is only from there that we can truly shift.


To deny our truth is to deny life.

Our expression.

What is on the other side of that is freedom.

Anger is our dragon.

A powerful force of nature that can elegantly fly over any obstacle or burn them into fertilizer to grow something anew. It can move through anything and reminds us that everything is possible. There is life awaiting you on the other side of that part of your soul that remains unexpressed. Gifts.

Presence in a way you have since forgotten.

Because all of our energy is to make sure that we don't get angry.

Thus numbing the soul and using all of our other divine expressions to cover up or manage that one.

Perhaps because we are scared of our own power.

Perhaps because we don’t want to remember.

Perhaps because we are scared what we will do with it.

Every vibration wants to be heard.

Like an elegant song from the universe.

Expressions of the heart.

How is it that joy can be divine and yet grief or rage is anything less.

They are all expressions of love.

Energy that has been compressed for lifetimes.

Waiting to be heard.

Waiting to express itself and remind each one of us why we are here.

To help our heart become whole again.

To tame our dragon.

To consciously wield that kind of energy is one of the greatest gifts we could ever receive. Because that is all it is - energy. A lot of it

waiting to be played with and used to create something and inspire others to see what is possible.

A truth.

A journey.

A computer.

So many of us fear being abandoned when we are angry. Fear of being left. When we lie to ourselves we are only abandoning ourselves

denying our heart’s most authentic expression from the world.

All of them.

Embrace your anger.

Wield it.

Let its fire inspire you.

Your words.

Your creations.

It also might be exactly what the other person needed to set them free as they were likely protecting themselves from feeling a certain way or hearing a certain truth.

Gifts come in many packages and so does love. Because on one level it is all love.

Free your dragon.

Speak your truth.

Honor your anger.

And honor your heart.

For all the emotions are equal.

You protect one you protect them all.

If you lose anything in the process it is making room for something else.

That resonates more with you.

With your truth.


“We fear discovering that we are more than we think we are.

More than our parents/children/teachers think we are.

We fear that we actually possess the talent that our still, small voice tells us.

That we actually have the guts, the perseverance, the capacity.

We fear that we truly can steer our ship, plant our flag, reach our Promised Land.

We fear this because, if it’s true, then we become estranged from all we know.

We pass through a membrane.

We become monsters and monstrous”.

~ Stephen Pressfield

Awaken Your Dragon

Deep inside of us rests a dragon waiting to be awakened and longing to fly.

Awaiting permission to be alive again as we awaken the courage and opportunities to allow it.

To remember your power. To embody it in every cell,

every muscle,

every movement,

every sound.

An expression of love.

Of power.

Of source.

Of limitless possibility and wonder into lands and realms long forgotten

And thought to be only fantasy.

Only seen by those eyes that have said yes and dared to remember.

To allow their divinity

A monster to others

Misunderstood and feared because it reminds them of themselves

and all the parts that they are denying.

Of past horrors and loss.

Long forgotten into the fabric of time.

Monsters they forgot because they thought them dangerous.

Because they thought they were unwelcome.

You were made this way.

And it takes more energy to deny your divinity than to live it.

Allow life.

Allow your dragon to awaken.

And show you once again what it is to truly live.

To love

To be everything you thought you were and more.

As you witness the world through the magical lens of time and space.

The magic that resonates from all that is here

Your most authentic self.

Though be warned.

Because once you come out

You can never go back.


you will never want to.

And everything you lose will be replaced with

everything you never knew you wanted.

And all the things you forgot.

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