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Updated: Jul 13, 2022


For Lynn

As I see you in the distance

The silhouette of your soul

captivates me in quiet stillness

as time stops.

and then . . .

begins again anew

The wind

delicately carries your essence

towards me

like playful feathers of doves


Surrounding me.

Brushing lightly over my skin

Caressing my senses.

The whisper of your fragrance

permeates into the air.

Your scent,

a warm wind on an Arctic night,

envelopes me

sweetly swimming around my body.

Covering me.

Reminding me again what it is to feel.

Inviting me to uncoil

The many protective layers

I have been holding

so closely over my heart.

Trying to keep myself warm.

Trying to keep myself safe.

Trying to keep my stories alive

that say I am anything less then whole.

Coaxing breath long thought lost

out from the depths of me.

Primal sighs.

Though they have never been heard.

For I had forgotten my sound.

Yet the moon understands

and hithers my call.

Beckoning the clouds move

giving way

so that her light can touch you.

Feeding my eyes

as the the sun’s reflection marries

into your shadows

bringing beauty to your darkness.

As you dance

you make love to the moon the only way you can.

Her expression accentuating every gesture.

Each one an act of God.

With its invisible hands

the inspired wind

begins to paint you

as it meticulously removes your clothing

pulling it from your vessel

like leaves from a tree in the heat of autumn,

slowly exposing to the world

the sacredness that lies beneath.

I grasp the ethereal you.

pulling you in with every pore of my body

as you infect my skin

inspiring desire in the form of brewing stillness.

And I wait.

As I allow my experience of you

to gestate.

To harvest.

To marinate

as your essence curiously and deliberately

claws into my blood stream

and dances its way into my most precious organ.

The radiance of you

pulsing through me like a vine

teasing me alive.


And yet I wait.

Because there is more.





There is more.

So much more

to experience.

Waiting in the cavernous darkness of the unseen.

I will know when to act.

For it is when there is

nothing else.

When my mind is speechless.

My heart present

My body full

My organs throbbing

Every limb

quivering with the aching need to express gratitude, respect and adoration

for every part of you

for every sound

every gesture

your soul creates.

Yet I wait.


Until I am still.

Until I am.

And until you say yes

with every part of you

And then . . .

we wait.


Until I see you again

For the first time.

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