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That is your job Your privledge Your opportunity Your gift to the universe.

It matters not what - only that you do. It could be a sound a sentence the stroke of a brush or the turn of a key into the unknown of your soul's expression.

Something new and know that because you are doing it it is new even if someone else, millions for that matter, have done it before you not one of them did it the way you did. Even if you made the same recipe the energy and intention you put into creating it was different and thus so is what you made because you are unique.

And your opinion matters expert or not because you are going to see things differently then anyone else and consequently inspire even the masters. Because we are all extensions of source and divine intelligence. So believe in yourself. Deeply. Remembering that it is not about being right or wrong. That is a construct of society. It is simply about showing up and Being. Human KIND

And sharing that expression with the universe unapologetically because it wants to hear your voice. It wants to play with you and see what else is possible.

To withhold that is to withhold life and your divine gift and purpose as a creator.

BEING HUMAN We are inherently designed to be creators.

Your only job as a human being

Is to feel.

Fully. That's it.

From there everything happens. Especially love and gratitude. More then anything else feeling is what you are designed to do. It is that simple yet most of us try to numb ourselves instead of allowing the divinity of our senses, emotions and feelings to penetrate our souls and stimulate our inner sanctum to life.

You are sensory beings and your feelings as well as the culmination of them, which undisturbed in a non-resistant state of flow, opens up a vibrant 6th, 7th and even 8th sense.

Once you feel, your job is to play with that feeling and all that it inspires. How you play with it matters not. Only that you play with it because every vibration in the universe wants to be heard and played with. If you don't want to play with it then don't. It will go elsewhere Chose something else to play with. Even if it is no-thingness Just play. It is your divine right and a genuine pathway to joy, fun and co-creation whether that be with others, a plant, an animal, the elements, your imagination. Even anger and grief. They too want to play and be heard. For play is the most fluid pathway to transformation Ultimately turning everything into joy because ecstasy is not reserved for just happiness ecstasy is pleasure which is the acceptance, allowance and flow of all feelings and emotions. Each equally as worthy as another.

To reject one is to reject the heart.

Play then begets creation Our divine purpose here on this plane.

Create something with it. Sometimes that's just a sound. other times a thought. Others a robot, a table, or a piece of art.

Or let it gestate inside the barrows of your imagination awakening long lost vibrant ideas to once again come to life to co-create with time space and endless possibilities.

Play beckoning them as they respond with endless excitement and cunning timing certain to make the ride fun, challenging and expansive. Revealing the divine co-creation one piece at a time. Never knowing what the next piece is or, for that matter, caring. Just knowing that it is coming and enjoying, with great ferver, it's reveal,

Just create something.

And then. . . Feel again. Fully and unapologetically because that is source talking to you. Whispering into your imagination everything that you ever wanted and everything that you ever dreamed of and more.

Feel. Play. Create. Repeat. Feel. Play. Create. Repeat. Feel. Play. Create. Repeat.

What you connect that feeling to determines the direction of your energy and ultimately the creation itself.

If it is hate or jealously then the creation will reflect that. The beauty of it is that it will be created and thus transforms the hate and jealousy into something different. Something new. Consequently, the emotion and often the story itself that it was connected to, is released as it morphs out of your consciousness out of the physiology of your body and into a new creation in the universe in a way that no one has ever seen before.

It is why that emotion wanted your attention. It wanted to create something and it wanted you to do it. A gift that you were perhaps judging as a problem. Forgetting your perfection.

So you create And to that the universe celebrates No matter where it came from. It cherishes your creation as it expands the universe yet again.

Once released into the universe that vibration begins to play with others. inspiring them to feel to play to create more magic. more expansion more feeling more pleasure. more life.

So take things to heart. Let it in feel it play with it let it infect your body, your pen, your hands, your mind, your voice. just play and see what it wants to do with you and then do that. Or not. Your choice but aren't you curious what would happen if you just let divine intelligence and inspiration flow through your incredible body what might be possible? Who knows. You might like it. One way to find out. So how do you feel now?

To feel or not to feel. To play or not to play. To create or not to create. Those are the quest-ions.

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