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A New Year's Evolution

A Free Writing Session with Ann Randolph

There is a time and place for everything and that is now. To resolve it.

To come to fruition. To love and to create. To allow life to express itself through the divine connection with inspiration and creation.




What is to be allowed?

That which has never been.

That which has always wanted to be. A desire that wants to manifest into a creation that is like an egg laid in time. Allow it to be stimulated into creation. Into fertilization of love and aspired into the manifestation of all time. All creation is and was an idea. An idea that wants a concrete and that dream, that creation waits patiently as each and everything in it's way quickly and slowly shifts out of the way as it becomes a part of it's story.

so that it too can become a reality to inspire others for all time

to remember again what is possible.

For the betterment of humanity and the evolution and expansion of love as we remember, through a feeling, an experience, what that is.

Because love is the writer of all stories.

Can you hear it? What are you inspired to do? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? What do you want? What excites You? The universe speaks to you in the language of inspiration. Of love and expansion. Of desire in the form of stimulation. Let things lie. Allow space for love and inspiration to come to you. It surrounds you like a fog that you cant see through yet it lies in it. The fog is part of it.

If I can hear it. If I can allow it to cover me with its wetness and drip down me like sweat watering my energetic roots buried deep in the ground beneath me. Letting it coax me alive again feeling the condensation and perspiration of desire as it falls on and out of me like a light rain and the muse infect me like an ancient wine. As I breath her into my soul through the intoxication of my body. There is a time and it is always now. Always. Now.

What inspires you? Discover that and allow that to wake you up every morning. To move you and your soul and allow you to wake up into the love and light of life again. Share your gifts with the world. Tell your stories and those of others. Connect to parts of you you have forgotten. Ask God for help show you the way. Begin your day with inspiration. Allowing breath. Begin by letting life, in the form of breath,

move you

Get lost in the being and allow yourself to awaken to the whispers of the desires of your heart that have laid dormant for eons.

Discover again what inspires you

You wont think of it .

You'll feel it.

As it overtakes you end envelops your whole being with a fuck yes. Allow breath and be patient and curious as you discover what stimulates you alive and begin from there. Because life is stimulating. Life is love and it is exciting. So let it be. If you want it to be.

Write, play, create, share vulnerability and lovingly with yourself and with others as you inspire those around you and are inspired by those you touch. Though first you have to share those parts of you that you are scared to see.

To feel.

To share.

That is your gold.

Do it.

Share it.

Every day and in every way from the space of inspired action. Through being, shifting your breath to receptivity, taking care of yourself and then

inspired action.

From there everything falls in place. Let your heart, your phallus and your gut guide you. They are all one. They are all extensions of your heart and when they line up you know your are in line with creation. With pleasure, with life.

Write every day.

All day if you can

and share your heart.

Get it out.

And discover your inner muse.

Dance with her and

Let her guide you in all of her expressions

with inspiration, play and love

to create endlessly from a space of excitement and joy.

Let time take its time and unravel everything in the way of desire and allow the light of a moment to show you the way and unravel the desire of love and light to be present with you. Inspired action. Inspired love. It is a new way of being. Lost in the dark yet familiar. Lovingly so. Let it inspire you.

What have you done that you haven't done. What wants to be rekindled. What wants to be awoken inside of you. It is the music of life. It is the love of life. It is the inspiration of life. IT is love. IT is you. Let it speak through you. Into you. Around you and for you. Let it love you. Let it come into you and let it take you home to yourself. Let it go and let it love you. Let life fuck you and inspire you to fuck life back. With the deepest sense of pleasure, passion and play. Trust with each and every moment that love is in the driver's seat. Allowing the story to unfold for you and allowing the love of life to be reckoned with in the most brutal and passionate ways imaginable. Only to see that the divine creation of you and all that you are still exists there.

Timeless in time.


A creator again.

A king again.


Love again.

And from there write a new story and build your empire

Of love for all to share and be inspired by its endless possibilities.

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