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Free Writing: What is keeping me from seeing the beauty in everything?

Personal Free Writing

What is between me and the beauty that exists in all of us and everything around us?

Fear, confusion and the pressure to do what is right whatever that means. To be here and to give way to a way of being. I forgot who I am. Though I guess that is part of the game. Now I wonder who I am. And what I am doing here. Wondering that if it is all light in the vibrational truth of an expression of God than its all beautiful and when we can see that - see that we are all made of the same stuff. Its all just light. Light and love. Though I think light is just love. Which is sound. So if this is all light, love, sound and love than what is the point and why would we be fighting anything. Why fight and what are we really fighting. Then again if light is everything then light can be anything and anything can be everything. So what is everything or anything for that matter. What is time. Time is the kicker. It is what motivates us. Gives us a container for the pressure to create until we are no longer fighting time or fearing it. Rather embracing it. Being in it. For then it is timeless because it is only now. When we rush we rush time. We create time and it is a faithful servant to all of it. A co creator at the table like any other co creator. It is here and wants to be played with and for us to discover how malleable it is hidden outside of our belief systems and limitations. The presence of time is where everything is hiding. It is where we feel the most. Remember the most and awaken most the stories hidden inside of us thinking they were too much to bear. Remembering that we are designed to feel all of it. For it is all love. All a game. All love games.

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