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Trusting the Darkness

'Tis what you can't see with your eyes that you seek.

Our intuition is the hand of God guiding us into our knowing of days long past

Did you forget?

Are you listening?

Can you even hear it?

It comes in the form of whispers.

Inspired desires

And Ideas.

The unbelievable.

The impossible.

The crazy.

because all great dreams are beautifully described as such

Shouting in the dark the irrational thing society said no to becasue it was trained that magic wasn't real.

And that wasn’t possible.

To keep you safe

To keep you from making a ruckus

To keep you quiet

Those times are passed now.

The unveiling of a new perspective of time and space is upon us.

It is to be lived in and celebrated as the Pagans would in union with God and Gaia

Things are shifting and an unraveling is to take place.

The unfolding of a new truth of time and presence.

A truth that is founded in the knowing of your genius and higher perspective of love

A truth that is found in you.

For that is where the treasure is hidden.

Inside of you.

In the darkness.

For that is what you seek.

And it is you.

Enjoy the unraveling.

For it is yours

and only yours to have.

To experience.

To feel.

To live.

All of it.

Because that is the language of the heart

and the heart doesn’t judge or edit any emotions

It is all your emotions.

It is you.

It is energy that has come up to create something new.

You came here to feel.

You came here to play.

You came here to create

and live endless love stories

all the while making you’re dreams a reality.

Reminding the world that anything is possible.

And you are already perfect.

and you always were.

There is nothing to heal.

Nothing to fix.

Just to live.

To step into the darkness with curiousity, trust and allowance

as you play with all of it.

For it is all divine and it is all here to inspire you.

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